November 19th, 2020

// Five Simple Exercises to Boost Circulation for Better Health and Immunity This Holiday Season, Based on Research By Celebrity Sports Therapist Brian Burzynski

Five Simple Exercises to Boost Circulation for Better Health and Immunity This Holiday Season, Based on Research By Celebrity Sports Therapist Brian Burzynski  

Trusted by elite athletes, the Intelligent Threads® creator shares easy exercises to improve blood flow, increase oxygen, and feel your best - perfect for home or holiday road travel    

Kerrville, TEXAS – (November 19th, 2020): As colder temperatures keep many confined indoors and the prospect of long holiday road trips are on the horizon, Intelligent Threads® Creator Brian Burzynski, D.PSc., SRM shares his top five exercises for boosting health and increasing circulation. Based on the patented Synergy Release Method®, Intelligent Threads® is the world’s first wearable technology solution for faster muscle recovery and  relaxation. Following more than 15 years of research and a successful private practice, Burzynski offers the same tips that help his pro athlete clientele maintain good circulation for effective heart, muscle, and overall physical performance. 

“Better circulation begins with a relaxed bone structure,” explains Burzysnki. “Intelligent Threads® is recovery you can wear - at home or on the go - to help release tight, constricted muscles and keep each skeletal piece in correct alignment for improved blood flow.”

Blood is the life force of the body, carrying essential nutrients and oxygen to every muscle and organ. Proper circulation is vital to peak physical performance, as well as immunity. Sitting for extended periods of time, working from home or driving to that holiday staycation destination, can cut off circulation and slow the flow of blood throughout the body. During a season when many find themselves doing just that, Burzynski shares these five quick and simple exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime - in addition to drinking plenty of water - to restore healthy circulation:

  1. Core release: Take a deep breath, hold for 5 seconds, then exhale while fully relaxing the stomach. Once the core releases, the rest of the body will follow. 
  2. Side body and upper arms: Reach the right arm up to the ceiling and lean body to the left, holding for 15 seconds. Switch arms and repeat, leaning to the right. Alternatively, grab the right elbow with the left hand behind the head and pull gently.
  3. Hips and lower body: While standing, rest the left foot on a chair (or car tire, if traveling) with leg outstretched and bend over toward toes for 20 seconds. Relax and let hands and arms dangle. Switch legs and repeat.
  4. Lower legs and feet: Sit up straight with feet flat on the floor. Alternate lifting toes and heels, then slowly rolling ankles. 
  5. Full body stimulation: When you stop for gas or take work breaks throughout the day, get moving - see how many times you can walk around your car or desk. 

Enhance these exercise results with Intelligent Threads®, infused with revolutionary Myo-Equilibration (Myo-E) technology to help bring balance to the myofascial network while releasing muscles and promoting healthy blood flow. Improve overall performance, reach the peak of physical ability, decrease the risk of injury, and alter muscle or joint pain at its source with chemical-free performance clothing featuring lightweight dryfit PosiCharge polyester material. Shop the Intelligent Threads® collection online at Follow @IntelligentThreads on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for more exercises, product releases, and health tips for achieving peak performance. Intelligent Threads - Smart Wear to Improve, Restore, and Regenerate.

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About Intelligent Threads:

Intelligent Threads® is a wearable breakthrough technology designed to help athletes and non-athletes alike perform at their highest level. Developed by Synergy Release Method® provider Brian Burzynski, D.PSc., SRM, and featuring technology more than 15 years in the making, Intelligent Threads® drastically improves muscle relaxation and recovery time. Using lightweight dryfit PosiCharge polyester material that is lab-proven to be chemical-free, each piece stabilizes bone structure while releasing muscles to help the body achieve its correct anatomical position. Achieve the proper body alignment vital to faster recovery, with added benefits of helping to restore blood flow, gain better posture, relax the muscles, eliminate soreness, and prevent injury. Improve performance and reach peak potential in the gym, yoga studio, or on the field. Relieve soreness, pain, and bad posture for better performance at work, home, or on the go. Intelligent Threads® is built to restore the body to optimum functionality so it can perform according to its design. Discover Intelligent Threads online at Follow on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook @IntelligentThreads. Intelligent Threads - Smart Wear to Improve, Restore, and Regenerate


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