July 6th, 2012

// Flo-Rida Fitness

Flo Rida

We all knew that Flo Rida was fit but now that he graces the June 2012 cover of Muscle & Fitness we all see just how fit the man really is. Flo stands at 6”3 and weighs in these days at a healthy and fit 210 lbs. He has been quoted saying that working out has changed his life. He has stated that that he "was a skinny dude in high school." Things sure have changed for the successful rapper who has won countless awards and has graced the top of billboard he states in the recent article that he sometimes trains twice a day.

Flo Rida has says that his daily routine also includes over head press, dumbbell press, 300 triceps dips, and that he has a goal of 1,000 crunches to do each day. When you put on a show in front of thousands of screaming fans and usually have your shirt off he has to make sure that his body is looking right. . He also also been quoted saying that after a performance “by the end of the night, I feel like I've done a trillion squats and sit-ups.” To add to the reasons he works out so hard he states that "I wear a lot of wife beaters...Every time I perform, I've got to take one off and throw it to the ladies."

Lets just say we hope that more artists follow in his footsteps for healthy living and a fit lifestyle because as a woman I definitely enjoy going to his shows.





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