October 14th, 2021

// Focal Healthcare and CIMTEC Sign Licensing Agreement for a Suite of 3D Ultrasound AI-Based Technologies

Focal Healthcare and CIMTEC Sign Licensing Agreement for a Suite of 3D Ultrasound AI-Based Technologies

The collaboration allows Focal Healthcare to develop a smart 3D ultrasound imaging platform for point of care use.

TORONTO, Oct. 14, 2021 /CNW/ - Focal Healthcare, known globally as a leading innovator of image-guided prostate cancer technology, is diversifying their product line by developing an AI-based 3D ultrasound imaging platform. Focal Healthcare has licensed patents from the Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization (CIMTEC) that will be used in 3D ultrasound-based point of care diagnostic and monitoring systems. The technology will be used at the patient's bedside to image joints, organs and blood vessels.

The product will offer advantages of being small, portable and affordable and conduct non-invasive and rapid 3D ultrasound imaging in any point of care setting. The system is enhanced with leading AI-driven organ-specific analysis targeted for a wide range of age-related chronic diseases. Some of the first applications to be commercialized include scanning carotid arteries to assess the risk for stroke, the thyroid and breast to determine whether detected nodules may be malignant, and even assessing and monitoring osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in the knee, wrist or other parts of the body.

"CIMTEC is very excited about the licensing agreement with Focal Healthcare as it will provide a vehicle for translation of its point of care innovation to the world. Focal Healthcare, with its capability to distribute imaging products globally, is well positioned to productize CIMTEC's point of care systems and integrate them into health care systems," said Aaron Fenster (PhD, O Ont, FCAHS), CEO of CIMTEC. 

The Focal point of care imaging hub is ideally suited for integration into existing telehealth and telemedicine infrastructure. The platform will expand and modernize telehealth by adding image-based diagnosis, monitoring and eventually therapy capabilities. Focal is now looking for leading telehealth and telemedicine providers for trials and pilot programs.

"Focal looks forward to enhancing the medical care for remote communities and long-term care facilities by merging point of care smart 3D ultrasound technology with telehealth," said Chicuong La (PhD), CEO of Focal Healthcare. "Aaron is a pioneer in 3D ultrasound and brings over 30 years of expertise and clinically proven technology to our collaboration. We are excited to be working with him."

About Focal Healthcare

Focal Healthcare is a Canadian-based MedTech company committed to improving the lives of patients and their families through technical innovation. By developing imaging tools that emphasize accuracy, efficiency and accessibility, Focal Healthcare strives to advance prostate cancer diagnosis and management, as well as disease prevention, in clinics and hospitals of all sizes. Focal Healthcare designs and manufactures all its products at its headquarters in Toronto, Canada.


CIMTEC is a not-for-profit corporation that exists to facilitate the commercialization of important and world-leading medical imaging technology, so that Canadians and patients around the world can benefit from the health and economic benefits of these innovations. CIMTEC is partially supported by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) through a grant. 

SOURCE Focal Healthcare


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