June 1st, 2021

// Free COVID-19 ScreeningTool Available as Organizations Continue to Reopen

Free COVID-19 ScreeningTool Available as Organizations Continue to Reopen

Employee self-screening enabled essential organizations to remain open during the pandemic and is now helping others to reopen safely.

TORONTO, June 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- North America’s vaccination rollout is in full swing with both the US and Canada making substantial strides towards returning to normality. Many organizations are either reopening, and welcoming people back to the workplace, or planning to in the near future. While this is exciting, organizations still need to comply to safety standards and do their part to keep their employees and the wider community safe.  

The good news for these organizations is that there are numerous resources available to help them develop and maintain safety standards. A comprehensive reopening roadmap is key in establishing safe working environment and free resources exist to support reopening efforts. 

COVID-19 workplace screening has proven particularly valuable in helping to keep organizations open over the past year. These tools give an organization the ability to screen anyone entering their premises on a given day, through an online questionnaire.  

One such solution, available for free, is Couch & Associates’ Workplace Screening tool, which lets an organization brand and customize their own screening site. Options include adding multiple workplace locations and a custom message to respondents. The questionnaire consists of standard screening questions to confirm that respondents are a low risk of recent exposure to COVID-19.  

Janet Candido, Founder of Candido Consulting Group says, “Candido Consulting Group encourages our clients to use this screening tool when reopening their workplaces. We wanted a solution that met government regulations, was easy to use and had a good reporting system. This tool does all of that and does it for free.” 

What stands out about the Workplace Screening tool, other than being free, is its integrated reporting system. A simple Google Sheets integration will generate a report listing everyone who went through the screening process, the time of the screening, answers to each question and weather they passed or failed.  

Organizations don’t have to pay hefty sums to keep employees and visitors safe at this stage of the pandemic, make the most of freely available resources to implement a safe and effective reopening plan.


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