April 20th, 2020

// Freed from Lyme & Auto-Immune diseases, Erika Schlick Cookbook Help’s Others Rediscover Their Health

Freed from Lyme & Auto-Immune diseases, Erika Schlick Cookbook Help’s Others Rediscover Their Health 

(Los Angeles, CA) – Erika Schlick is a popular health blogger, health coach, and a cookbook author who has successfully healed from the incurable Lyme disease. Erika helps others find their health again and has documented her journey online at The Trail To Health, which was featured on Netflix’s ‘Afflicted’, Episode 4.

Erika’s life has gone through a complete transformation. Once she was a licensed architect and running her own design agency in San Francisco, doing yoga and traveling the world. But one day, she found herself afflicted with Lyme disease. Unwilling to succumb to the disease, she managed to heal from Lyme as well as Celiac diseases and Hashimotos, and has now created a new life for herself, in remission from all of these conditions.

It was in 2012 when Erika was bitten by a tick on her third camping trip. Her subsequent symptoms went undiagnosed, and it was not until 2014 that she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, toxic mold, Heavy Metal Toxicity and five different autoimmune conditions. Curing herself became a journey that she now shares with others in hopes that they may find their health again as well.

“My entire healing journey has centered around holistic, natural and experimental treatments. In fact, the more obscure the treatment was, the more I wanted to try it,” says Erika.

She began her blog in 2014 to share her recovery process with natural and holistic modalities. After stem cell therapy treatment, Erika entered full remission from Lyme in 2017. She gradually shifted her blog’s focus to connecting with and offering tips to others who were undergoing similar struggles. She also wrote her cookbook, “Wandering Palate” in 2018, which features a 28-day paleo meal plan and dairy-free, gluten-free recipes. 

“Publishing my health journey opened the door for me to help others. Additionally, I started a health coaching practice in 2015 which enabled me to help my clients heal from Lyme disease and chronic illness,” says Erika.

Erika again came into limelight when she was featured in Episode 4 of the Netflix documentary, ‘Afflicted’. She was featured as a health coach to a participant who sought treatment for Lyme disease and Mold Illness. This participant had found her by reading about her health journey online via her blog. Other than Netflix, she has also been featured in 20 different morning shows as well as more than 40 podcasts, radio and summit interviews. She has been on multi-city book tours, and spoken at national Lyme conferences and wellness events all over the country. Erika has also worked with the Global Lyme Alliance which is a non-profit benefiting people affected by Lyme.

“I’m passionate about helping others on their trail to health, and have become an advocate and active member of the Lyme community,” says Erika.

Other than her recovery from Lyme disease, Erika writes about living a healthy life, avoiding becoming chronically ill, healthy recipes and traveling with restricted diets while battling chronic illnesses. She aims to turn her blog into a full-time project, and write more cookbooks. She also wishes to work with agents and publishers to write more books, and also re-publish ‘Wandering Palate’.

Erika is available for interviews, TV segments, speaking assignments, and hosted travel collaborations and paid / sponsored IG posts for brands. Among the topics she can talk about and discuss are healing from Lyme Disease, healthy diet (specifically paleo / gluten-free), finding the perfect diet, finding a diagnosis when there is mystery illness, common root causes of illnesses, and the hidden pieces of weight loss.

Erika’s entire journey and story can be found on her blog, www.thetrailtohealth.com 



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