August 2nd, 2018

// From Breathing Difficulty to Breathless Transformation, How A Canadian Mother Defined Odds to Overcome Her Personal Struggle and Weight loss Journey



From Breathing Difficulty to Breathless Transformation,

How A Canadian Mother Defined Odds to Overcome Her Personal Struggle and Weight loss Journey


Canadian mother, Martha Melanie, reveals how she lost 45 pounds in just three months, despite going through personal hardship and ongoing medical issues that were significantly impacting on her lifestyle. Martha was able to shed weight fast, by following a simple, clean eating dietary plan, combined with a lifestyle reevaluation and monitoring.

Having lifelong experiences of weight fluctuation, Martha had always had goals to jumpstart her weight gain, such as her destination wedding. Once her mother passed away in 2015, all motivation was lost and Martha began to downward spiral. She was eating all the time to cope with her sadness and gained upwards of 33 pounds. Soon, the weight gain was accompanied with joint pain and headaches, leading to several other health issues.

Martha recounts on her previous struggles with weight gain over the years. When it had gotten its worse, Martha shared “my daughter told me that I stopped breathing in the middle of the night”. Martha claims, “I remembered having to hold the rail and slow down because I was wheezing and a bit of out of breath. I found myself becoming low on energy every day and feeling pain in my joints in the lower part of my body.” After these instances, Martha decided to take a hard look at her life and make some serious changed, or else she was scared she wouldn’t make it to her 50th birthday.

Along with 123Diet and a controlled meal plan, Martha claims staying focused and ultimately keeping her eyes on the prize helped her achieve her weight-loss goals. But that doesn’t mean she had to withdraw from her favorite foods.

“I started to lose weight and my self-confidence started to change. I made sure I follow everything well.  Soon my clothes starting to get a bit looser and it motivated me to continue. I got excited and started to take pictures every weekend!”. The struggling mother has now not only transformed her body, but also her life. Ms Melanie has expressed her past emotions toward her body image and how 123Diet has changed her outlook completely, also whilst allowing her to combat her health issues full frontal.

Martha thanks her change in diet, hard work and determination for her new and healthy lifestyle.

“This diet is amazing and suits my life style. I know as you get older it is harder to lose weight, but this diet works magically. I cannot believe at soon to be 50 years old, I will feel like a 25-year-old. I went from the size XL/1X to S. and size 14/16 to size 6. I still have about 11 pounds more to go before my final goal weight,” the mother said.

“To date I am very happy with my determination despite some little ups and downs. I wake up positively every day.”

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