October 9th, 2019

// Gastro-Tourism is Changing the Travel Industry

Gastro-Tourism is Changing the Travel Industry

ENV Travel focuses on culinary experiences around the world.

Food is a vital part of every cultural celebration. In tourism, food travel has evolved to become a separate segment in the industry called “gastro-tourism”. Gastronomy tourism is a phrase that is more romantically used in Europe, and it describes an enhanced culinary travel experience. Culinary tourists are in the pursuit of authentic cultural tours that guide them through cooking classes, festivals, and unique dining experiences while learning about local and seasonal ingredients. Gastro-tourism does not just focus on the eating and drinking, but also the behind-the-scenes adventures of being a part of the food’s origin, such as a tour of a farm or vineyard, exploring local markets, and the cooking process right in the kitchen.  

With food tourism, food became more than just a delightful byproduct of a trip, but instead, trip planning began to include memorable food and drink events. With social media and cooking shows, food travel expanded the experience from merely dining, to immersing in local cultures to find and prepare the best food. Now, gastro-tourism prioritizes food as the primary focus for travel, and the destination and other attractions become the added “cherry on top” in planning a trip in food travel.

ENV is a travel company that creates unforgettable gastro-tourism experiences around the world. Each trip takes travelers to destinations around the world with cruises and adventures that allow travelers to learn from locals and insiders. The private, hands-on activities will have tourists in the kitchen, rubbing shoulders with chefs, winemakers, and other culinary experts. With amazing food, comes an amazing cultural experience as travelers explore local streets, farms, kitchens, and more.

ENV Travel started in Napa Valley by Karen Rowley. The business was inspired by Napa’s food and wine scene, along with Rowley’s many contacts from her culinary experience. She began to create magical travel adventures around the world, designing the perfect journeys for her clients.

Rowley says, “We love designing magical travel experiences and sharing authentic culinary adventures around the world with our guests.  Whether it’s individuals or groups, we know the best local chefs, guides, cooking locations, and how to travel in comfort to any destination.  With our global partners, we create authentic, local culinary encounters that immerse our clients in cultures. “

As gastro-tourism continues to alter the travel industry, ENV travel continues to lead enthusiastic food and wine aficionados on culinary experiences around the globe. 

Karen Rowley

Karen owns Many More Travels, along with ENV Travel, and has a 22-year background in travel, including Director of Sales and Marketing at Carlson Wagonlit Travel, a position she held for over eight years.  Visiting 61 countries and counting, she focuses on luxury, culinary, and wine travel.  She holds a degree in English Literature and belongs to the prestigious Virtuoso Network of the most accomplished travel designers in the world with a special designation as a Virtuoso Culinary Expert.  She is also a member of Les Dames d'Escoffier an invitation-only philanthropic organization of women leaders in the fields of food, fine beverage, and hospitality. 

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