July 11th, 2020

// Genivity Gathers Data on Consumer Behavior Regarding Their Financial Wellbeing Amid COVID-19

Genivity Gathers Data on Consumer Behavior Regarding Their Financial Wellbeing Amid COVID-19

UNITED STATES — Genivity, a WealthTech software platform that helps financial advisors develop deeper client relationships through innovative planning platform that creates personalized projections relating to an individual's longevity and future health and the related financial expenses for those needs, announced today that it recently launched a consumer behavior research survey titled: Financial Planning in a Pandemic-Driven Economy.

The purpose of this brief survey is to measure the consumer behavior and attitude towards long and short term financial planning in wake of the 2020 economic recession and a global pandemic. This information will equip financial planners with a deeper understanding of what products, tools, and services are best suited for their existing and prospective clientele. 

Heather Holmes, Founder and CEO of Genivity said “In conducting research, Genivity is looking at what matters to clients today when it comes to the pandemic and their financial wellbeing. The end goal is to analyze this information to help financial planners further hone in on the topics that are timely and relevant to their clients in today's uncertain world.

These timely and relevant insights will give us the ability to advance the way we can help their clients plan for financial wellbeing as part of a holistic goals-based financial plan.”

Results and analysis of the data will be shared with the financial advisors that Genivity serves— with several questions including, but not limited to: 

  • “Has the recent global pandemic and economic turmoil changed your attitude towards your finances?”
  • “Have your financial goals expanded to include healthcare costs and emergencies?”
  • “Would you be interested in learning more about ways to factor in your future health needs into your financial or retirement plan?”

To learn more about the benefits of exploring financial planning through Genivity, please visit the Genivity website here

For business inquiries, please contact: Ashley Flitter at ashley@genivity.com


About Genivity:

The Genivity HALO Planner is a cloud-based solution that helps financial planners digitally engage clients and prospects in planning for future longevity, health, and long-term care as part of a holistic financial plan. Our client-facing digital experience drives deeper conversations about risk areas and introduces ways to optimize their financial wellbeing to protect their retirement goals. The evidence-based, actionable recommendations help maximize wealth assets through goals-based planning, advanced planning, client segmentation, and upsell opportunities (Annuities, Life, Long-Term Care, and Health Savings Account (HSAs)).


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