September 10th, 2014

// Get Walking During Your Pregnancy

Train It Right - Get Walking During Your Pregnancy

Train It Right
Train It Right

Fitness is very popular right now, between instagram, twitter, store shelves filled with fitness DVDs for pregnancy that include, cardio, strength training, Zumba, Pilates, and hip hop dancing just to name a few. But when you're pregnant learning new moves of the latest fitness fad is probably not a top priority on your to do list. That’s what makes walking so amazing!

Walking is a great way to stay fit during your pregnancy. Not only is it free but it’s low impact so you can even do it closer to your due date. Just make sure the farther along you are that you have checked with your doctor that you can be active. Unless you are having a high-risk pregnancy you should be fine.

If you walked often before your pregnancy you probably won't need to change your normal walking habits during your first trimester. Small changes may need to be made during the second and the third trimester. However, during all three trimesters if you find yourself unmotivated grab your husband, boyfriend or friend to join you on your walks. Make sure to set specific walking date nights at specific times. That way you don’t skip out on your exercise.

No matter what trimester you are starting your walking at make sure you have walking shoes that support the ankles and arches. If you go to a local running store they can assess your walking gait and get you fitted in the proper shoes. When you walk, keep your eyes up, your hips tucked under your shoulders to avoid a sway in your back. Swing your arms for balance and to intensify your workout. This is also known as power walking.

Make sure to bring drinking water with you to avoid dehydration. Try to avoid walking in the heat. If it is too hot you can get cramps, which are never a good thing for the baby. Try finding shade to walk in or an air conditioning mall to walk in so you can beat the heat.


Alicia Bell

BSc in Kinesiology



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