March 21st, 2016

// Getting Fit Anytime Of The Day

Having a rigid routine for training can be difficult for some of us and impossible for others. If your daily schedule changes regularly, you still want to be able to get fit. This means you’ll need a great activity, sport or exercise regime to do at any point in the day you can spare an hour.

With this in mind, here are a handful of fitness and exercise ideas suited to each different time slot in the day.

Morning… go running

Going for a run very early in the morning sets you up for the day, because cardio gets your heart pumping! The roads and streets will be quieter; if you live near main roads, you’ll find crossing much quicker. After all, which runners like jogging on the spot for five minutes because they can’t cross a busy road? If you’re running in a hot country or area, going early morning also means lower temperatures.


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Early afternoon… go swimming

Public swimming baths tend to be at their quietest at this time of day. This is because most people are at the office, and the kids are still at school. The quieter the pool, the more space you will have to swim in and less you’ll be distracted by others. Check in advance if your local pool holds swimming classes for kids or the elderly, for example, so you can avoid these times too. A great idea is to head to the pool one hour before an in-water exercise programme begins. That way you could do an hour of laps, followed by an hour of water aerobics or something even more sporty, like water polo! That way you get two lots of exercise from only one trip. Avoid midday to 1 pm if you want to miss those exercising on their lunch break.

Late Afternoon…take a class

In the time between the lunchtime rush and the early evening rush, things quieten down a bit. That is why now is a great time to take a class. Lower participant numbers will make for more free equipment and space. Plus, the less in the class, they more attention you’ll receive from the instructor. They may even be willing to tailor the class more to you and your fellow participants. Remember that the gym isn’t the only place to take classes. You could watch a video tutorial on your TV, or head to your local church hall or school if they hold classes there. When it comes to picking a type of class, consider what your body needs the most. Check out This article touches upon the value of exercise for your body, amongst other things.


Evening…. Head to the gym

While gyms can get busy in the evenings, having lots of other people around might act as good motivation for you. It may also be the case that your gym runs the most classes at night, and/or has the most personal trainers around. In the winter, going at this time also means you don’t have to be training in the dark outdoors.


Whichever time of your day you train at, remember how important it is to have a varied regime. had a good guide to doing this effectively.


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