August 31st, 2016

// Getting Fit with Self – Defense In Mind

Getting Fit with Self - Defense In Mind




The sad fact is that a lot of us feel very vulnerable when we’re outside. It doesn’t matter what sex you are, or whose company you tend to keep. Some of us simply don’t feel all that confident when we’re out in public. This can be especially damaging when we’re trying to have a good night out, or when we’re travelling somewhere alone.


One of the best ways to tackle this sort of fear is confidence. I’m not talking about the confidence that nothing bad will happen. (Although if there is a magic wand that grants such freedom from worry then please let me know if you find it!) It’s more about having confidence that, should someone make an unwanted move on you, you can handle the situation effectively. Maybe this is through conversation. Maybe it’s through being able to run away. Maybe it’s even in taking more physical action against an attacker.


Whatever the case, keeping physically fit can actually help a lot with this type of confidence. But what if we take fitness a step further and actually incorporate self-defense? It’s absolutely something that everyone should consider, especially those with these sorts of worries.




Considering general fitness


As I said before, keeping physically fit can help a lot in this area. That’s because, whatever action you choose to take, you’ll be better at it if you’re physically fit. Let’s take a general example. A lot of people are scared of these situations because they don’t run very fast. Or, if they do run fast, they don’t have a lot of stamina.


Well, by keeping up with a consistent and strong fitness routine, you can improve on both those areas. Keeping your physical strength up also helps you keep mentally sharp. Running will increase your lung capacity, allowing you to run for longer. Focussing on muscle strength will help with other defense techniques. Speaking of which…




Direct defense techniques


When people talk about self-defense, they’re usually thinking about something very specific. They think of particular techniques that will allow them to fend off attackers if an encounter becomes violent.


If you want to best combine physical fitness with self-defense technique education? You may want to look into mixed martial arts, or MMA. Of course, as anyone who has seen The Karate Kid knows, there’s a lot more to this activity than simply learning how to fight. MMA can provide you with a thorough workout good for both mind and body.




Evasive maneuvers


Sometimes, the best option really is to just run. But we don’t just want to focus on speed. We probably need to focus on evasive maneuvers through an urban environment.


A lot of people believe that parkour is only about jumping around on public property in an effort to impress your friends. But think about it. Parkour is the method by which you learn to move through complex environments at high speed. It’s about overcoming physical obstacles with ease. Let’s say you’re running away from an attacker. Are you sure that knowing the best way to climb and jump a wall wouldn’t be extremely useful? It may sound unconventional, but it could absolutely boost your confidence.


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