July 23rd, 2019

// Got a Sprained Ankle? 4 Ways to Brace It While It Heals

Got a Sprained Ankle? 4 Ways to Brace It While It Heals

Got a sprained ankle? The first step is to apply ice to reduce pain and swelling. Then see your doctor to make sure it’s just a sprain and not something more serious like a fracture. Once your injury is stabilized, it should be kept supported and immobilized so it can heal. Read on to learn about four ways to brace a sprained ankle while you recover.

Wrap It with a Bandage

The first line of treatment for a sprained ankle is usually a cloth elastic bandage. Choose a wide bandage between one and three inches. Begin at the inside of your foot and wrap the bandage firmly around your ankle. Then secure it in place with clips or medical tape. Gauze or cotton can be used as padding if needed.

Support It with a Brace

If bandaging isn’t sufficient to support your sprain, consider using an ankle brace. You can purchase one from any pharmacy. Make sure to choose the right type for your foot size and the level of support you need. A lace-up brace provides the most support, but wrap-around and velcro braces are more convenient. For those who need to stay active while recovering, a stirrup brace is ideal.

Compress It with Socks

Compression socks may provide adequate support for a sprained ankle that is mild or partially healed. Socks for ankle compressionare usually a short, thick design and are often open at the toe and heel so they can be worn with most types of shoes. Look for a sock with a high compression rating to best support your injury. Pair your socks with comfortable, supportive shoes and avoid high heels.

Immobilize It with a Boot or Splint

If the above methods fail to relieve the pain of your sprained ankle, consider using a boot or splint. You can buy boots and splints online and in some pharmacies or see your doctor to get fitted with a high-quality one. Unlike bandages, braces and socks, an ankle boot or splint completely immobilizes the injury. A boot also allows you to keep walking and maintain mobility, which makes it a great choice for people who need to stay on their feet.

Remember, a sprain isn’t always just a sprain. Keep an eye on your injured ankle while it heals and see your doctor if you experience any changes or increases in pain. A sprained ankle is in a weakened state and can easily sustain a fracture or further injury.


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