January 18th, 2018

// GRATITUDE IN MOTION: An Amazing True Story of Hope, Determination, AND the Everyday Heroes Around Us

GRATITUDE IN MOTION: An Amazing True Story of Hope, Determination, AND the Everyday Heroes Around Us

Colleen Kelly Alexander, with Jenna Glatzer

“Colleen is a personal inspiration of mine. Her guts, grit and determination alone are enough to embolden anyone who hears her speak. But it is Colleen's great humanity and humility in the face of her challenges that should inspire us all.” —Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize laureate

"I always said running is the ultimate faith healer, restoring belief not only in oneself but life's possibilities. Colleen brought that message to life and had me thinking of my own possibilities. Colleen's message isn't about how far we can run but how much we can endure just to be part of the running community."—Bart Yasso, Retired Chief Running Officer of Runner's World

“Colleen Kelly Alexander is a living embodiment of resiliency, grace, and gratitude--even in the face of some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Read this remarkable memoir. It will lift up your heart with thankfulness and inspiration, just as Colleen has inspired countless everyday heroes who strive to make this world a better place.” —Gail McGovern, President and CEO, American Red Cros

GRATITIUDE IN MOTION is a powerful story of the triumph of one determined and inspiring soul. Colleen Kelly Alexander's vision to 'bring about more humanity and understanding' despite monumental obstacles gives hope to us all. Her story is the gift that the world needs so desperately right now.” —Kate Cumbo, PhD, Director of Programs, PeaceJam Foundation

It was a beautiful fall day in Connecticut when Colleen Alexander, a lifelong competitive athlete, rode her bike home from work, having just learned her job with the nonprofit PeaceJam was secure. She had survived a diagnosis of lupus and brain surgery that almost took her life, and was married at last to the love of her life, Sean. Life was good as she met the eyes of a truck driver rolling up to the stop sign beside her. He didn't stop.

The truck hit Colleen, running over her lower body with front and back tires and dragging her across the pavement. As she bled out in the street, nearby strangers surrounded.  A former EMT herself, Colleen knew she had to stay awake. "I've just been reconnected with my soulmate," she told the medic. "We want to have a baby. I can't die now. Please don't let me die." Colleen spent five weeks in a coma and had 29 surgeries. But she survived, and despite losing her job and suffering from PTSD, she began to focus on all the heroes who saved her life. Determined to find a way to make something positive from her pain, she decided she'd run again. She would dedicate her race medals to her heroes, including the multitude of medical staff that aided in her survival.

Since the trauma, Colleen has run 50 races and completed 40 triathlons, including 4 half-Ironman events (1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride, 13.1-mile run). She is now a spokesperson for the Red Cross, and shares her incredible inspirational story to encourage others to take that first step forward.

Colleen Kelly Alexander is a lifelong athlete and motivational speaker. With her indomitable spirit and amazing story of survival, Colleen teaches others how to aim higher, be stronger, and use adversity as a catalyst to make themselves and the world better. She was the executive director of the Common Ground Youth Center in Vermont for eight years, and a regional program manager for PeaceJam, where Nobel Peace Prize laureates mentor youth. She has also worked for, volunteered for, and is heavily involved with the Red Cross. She lives in a New England coastal town with her husband and their three dogs and cat. Find out more at Colleenkellyalexander.com, Facebook/ColleenKellyA or on Twitter @ColleenKellyAl.

Jenna Glatzer (www.jennaglatzer.com) is the author or ghost- writer of twenty-nine books, including Celine Dion’s authorized biography and The Marilyn Monroe Treasures. She and her daughter live in New York.

Important Notes Include:

  • PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER: Colleen Alexander was an established public speaker before her trauma, and continues to speak on topics ranging from personal empowerment and mindset to medical issues like dealing with a major trauma and PTSD to athletics.
  • Tie-In with Author Speaking Engagements for the Red Cross. Colleen is a spokesperson for the Red Cross and is on the Red Cross Board of Directors in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. January is National Blood Donor Month.
  • This April, she will be racing the National Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, DC.


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