November 30th, 2016

// Grayton announces the launch of Origin: the First Mechanical Smart Watch that connects to your phone for smart features.

Grayton announces the launch of Origin: the First Mechanical Smart Watch that connects to your phone for smart features.


NEW YORK - Grayton introduces the Origin Mechanical watch: a classic self-winding timepiece with open-heart design plus a smart strap for activity tracking, phone notifications, music control and more.

Technology evolves but style is timeless

As boutique watch makers, Grayton understands that there is no substitute for a beautifully designed and handcrafted automatic watch. The Origin Mechanical watch represents the perfect marriage of sophistication and smarts - the natural evolution of Intelligent Timepieces for a connected world.

Origin was designed to deliver the best of watchmaking and technology – a mechanical watch with a classic design and embedded electronics hidden in its leather strap that add convenient smart features.

The heart of the matter

The Origin is finely crafted to exacting standards in a brushed 316L stainless steel case with polished accents. The open-heart dial and see-through back cover puts Origin’s intricate self- winding mechanism on display, and keeps Origin infinitely wound. Its Japanese movement has 26,100 beats per hour and 24 jewels for superior timekeeping accuracy and a power reserve of 41 hours between wearings.

Activity tracking in the strap

What makes Origin special, among other things, is the independent strap which instantly adds smart features. Designed to perfectly complement the Origin, the strap is refined, comfortable and slim. The smart strap is virtually indistinguishable from the best traditional leather straps of other fine watchmakers.

“Fitness trackers are popular because they are affordable and offer useful functions. But they feel cheap, are often uncomfortable and become obsolete quickly. We are living in a new era where timepieces meet fashion and technology and there is no turning back! Origin is the first Mechanical watch that has connected features built directly into a classic leather smart strap. Now, people don’t have to choose between beauty and convenience” Sébastien Druvent, Product Marketing Advisor.

Intelligent convenience every day

This revolutionary watch connects to a smartphone for the most convenient features such as calendar reminder, alarms, phone notifications and more. The built-in battery allows up to 10 days of autonomy between charges. It’s ideal for receiving notification alerts in the office or recording workout fitness data at the gym. The Origin and the accompanying Grayton app are compatible with both iPhone and Android phones.

Make any watch smart

For people that already have a watch that they love, the Grayton smart strap is interchangeable with standard watch straps to easily add fitness and intelligence to any watch from Daniel Wellington® to Patek Philippe®.

A watch ahead of its time

Grayton has raised the bar on what a classic watch can do. With Origin, fashion, technology and convenience coexist perfectly in a stunning timepiece for any occasion.


Origin is in pre-production for a commercial release in May 2017.

Origin will be exclusively available for pre-sale on beginning November 28st, 2016. Wholesale packages for distributors and retailers will be available during the campaign.

About Grayton

Grayton is an avant-garde brand that aims to make mechanical watches, the symbol of wealth and luxury for centuries, accessible to everyone. They create beautifully classic watches for the modern world with bold yet refined designs that add convenient technologies and timeless style. Grayton partners exclusively with the Montrichard Group, watch manufacturing and distribution experts that provide fast turnaround of high quality bespoke watch designs.

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Ewatchfactory Corporation 390 5th Avenue, Suite 910, NYC, NY 10801. United States

About Montrichard Group

Founded 20 years ago by the visionary entrepreneur Remi Chabrat, Montrichard Group is modernizing traditional watch manufacturing and global distribution with a revolutionary ‘just in time’ online manufacturing process solution know as Fines. With production facilities in Switzerland and China and marketing offices in the USA, Hong Kong and Europe, Montrichard Group supports innovative brands and licensed watchmakers in their rapid growth.

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