February 22nd, 2016

// Great Gift Ideas For Your Gym Bunny Friends




We all have a friend who’s constantly in the gym. In fact, the gym might be the only thing they ever talk about! When it comes to your gym-bunny friends’ birthdays, you may be a bit stumped for gift ideas. There’s no point buying them chocolates or candies; how about buying them something they can use for their training sessions? Here are some fab gift ideas for your gym-obsessed mates!


  1. An awesome gym bag


We all get bored of carrying the same old bag with us each time we head to the gym. I’m sure your friend will love a change! Especially if it’s a good quality, trustworthy bag. That means one that isn’t going to break after a couple of uses. It needs to be large enough for the days he or she has their yoga, spinning and pilloxing classes one after another. And that means plenty of space for a spare change of clothes!


  1. A new foam roller


You can’t have too many foam rollers after a hard gym session! Using one of these can help with all those aches and pains. We’re sure your friend will be over the moon when they unwrap their roller. If they haven’t used one before, their workout life will be changed forever! Simply rolling one over post-workout muscles helps relieve any painful exercising aches.


  1. New gym clothes


You can never have too many clothes – this also includes gym clothes! From chic yoga tops to a pair of stylish leggings, your friend will appreciate some stylish clothes. Make sure you know buy some gear that fits in with their workout of choice. There’s no point buying a swimmer a new pair of running shoes!


  1. Some new weights


If your gym bunny friend loves pumping iron in the gym, buy them some dumbbells or kettlebells so they can start training at home. You’ll need to get an idea of the kinds of weight they are already lifting, so you can buy yours accordingly. There’ll be no point buying weights that are either too light or way too heavy, as it could cause an injury.


  1. Training technology


In today’s modern world, you can buy many accessories which are great for tracking workout sessions. Why not opt for a Fitbit so your friend can track their diet as well as how many calories they are burning on a daily basis. If your budget can’t stretch to a Fitbit, there are cheaper alternatives. You can keep it very basic and buy accessories that simply track how many steps the wearer does in a day.


  1. A slap-up meal


What does every trainer want after a gruelling gym session? Loads of protein and carbs! Why not take your friend out for a meal in their favourite restaurant? As well as tucking into an amazing meal, you can both enjoy a long overdue catch-up and compare your gym stories.
So now you know exactly what to buy your gym-obsessed friend, you’ll be wishing birthdays came around more often than just once a year!


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