January 26th, 2016

// Greens+ Energy By Genuine Health

Greens+ Energy By Genuine Health - Train It Right

greens+ Extra Energy - Natural OrangeEarlier this month I had the opportunity to attend an event at Studio Lagree in downtown Toronto. The beautiful King St. West location was set up by Greens+ with a smoothie bar and a taste station. Not only did they give us a taste of their pilates class on the reformer but sat us down to discuss their product (which I might add is delicious in all flavours). I thought that the info session that they provided us was a unique touch to an event. Not only was the founder there but so was Joy McCarthy or Dr. Jason Marr who were so knowledgeable, friendly and happy to answer any of our questions. I definitely would recommend this product if you are looking for a healthy boost in your meal plans, looking for a pick me up outside of caffeine or are simplest missing some key nutrients in your diet.

For a cool Infographic about extra energy click here: Extra Energy Infographic


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