July 13th, 2018

// Guest Post on Personal Training: How to Begin a Regular Routine


Guest Post on Personal Training: How to Begin a Regular Routine


Personal Training: How to Begin a Regular Routine

Wanting to get in shape? You should be commended for your determination. However, determination is nothing without discipline. If you want to actually get something out of exercise, it needs to fit into your schedule as easily as brushing your teeth. These tips will help you to begin a regular exercise routine.

Start Slowly

You’re probably feeling excited about starting a new exercise routine, and you should. However, burnout is a very real thing. If you’re doing three-hour runs from the beginning, you’re going to become exhausted. You want to be going as slowly as possible. That means you shouldn’t be exercising longer than your body allows, and you shouldn’t be using more weight than you’re prepared to.

Find a Good Gym

The beauty of exercise is that you can do it almost anywhere. That said, there’s no better place to get fit than at a quality gym. Look for ones in your area that will cater to your needs. If you are concerned about dealing with crowds, look for a 24-hour gym that allows you to visit at any hour of the day.

Get a Trainer

Don’t know where to start with your exercise routine? You don’t have to stumble around haphazardly. Instead, you should find yourself a dedicated trainer who can help you realize your exercise goals. Go to your gym and ask about their personal training program. You should be able to find someone who’s a good match. Be clear about your goals, whether they involve strength training, aerobics, or flexibility.

Keep a Gym Bag Around

After a long day at work or school, it can be difficult to summon the motivation to go to the gym. One of the easiest excuses you can make is that you don’t have your gym clothes with you. An easy fix to that is to keep your gym bag in your car or around your person.

Set Goals

The best way to stay motivated with an exercise routine is to regularly set goals that you can accomplish. These should be ones that are easy enough to accomplish, but challenging enough to actually give you a sense of drive and feeling of pride when accomplished. The further you go with your exercise routine, the more accomplished you’ll feel.

The benefits of exercise are so numerous, and we hope that you are inspired by this article to take charge of your body and your health. If you have already started or are planning on starting an exercise routine, remember to take everything one day and one step at a time.


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