June 1st, 2021

// GURU Good Crew Arrives at the Water’s Edge to Clean Up Montréal’s Riverbanks

GURU Good Crew Arrives at the Water’s Edge to Clean Up Montréal’s Riverbanks

After mountain biking trails, GURU tackles riverbanks and urban skateparks

MONTRÉAL, June 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spring has sprung in Québec, bringing with it new life. But all too often the receding snow reveals litter disfiguring our trails, riverbanks and parks. So why not go outside to play and donate your energy to a community clean-up operation? The time is now!

GURU Organic Energy Corp. (TSX: GURU), Canada’s leading organic energy drink brand, has launched a community clean-up operation in preparation for the summer season. The GURU Good Crew, created for the occasion, has set itself the challenge of cleaning up different environments – mountains, riverbanks and skateparks – and is launching an appeal to outdoor enthusiasts to help it achieve this mission.

First up: mountain biking trails 
For the “Clean up your trails” project, the GURU Good Crew held several activities in Québec’s mountains during pre-opening weekends at a number of stations.

On May 8, mountain bike enthusiasts took the GURU Good Crew and Mont Sutton up on their invitation to clean up and drain its trail system. On May 22 and 29, respectively, it was Empire 47 and Mont Adstock’s turn to welcome outdoor enthusiasts to get these playgrounds ready for the summer. With the help of over 200 participants for all three events, over 95 km of trails have been tidied up and are ready to welcome you for new adventures!

Next up: the banks of the St. Lawrence 
Whether you’re sailing or relaxing on the riverbank, water is one of summer’s great pleasures. The GURU Good Crew will be on the case this summer, helping to clean up the banks of the St. Lawrence River in various parts of Québec in partnership with The Blue Organization.

On June 5from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., an event will be held to kick off Oceans Week, with an impressive route running from Old Montréal all the way to Lachine, with five sites being simultaneously cleaned up. Oceans Week, which combines popular science, art and creativity to raise awareness of environmental conservation, is a national event with its second Québec edition coordinated by The Blue Organization.

“We’re proud of this partnership with GURU, it allows us to discover our local marine and maritime environment and to raise awareness of rivers and oceans,” said Anne-Marie Asselin, Co-founder and President of The Blue Organization. “Québec, with the St. Lawrence and numerous other rivers and lakes, has a significant impact on the health of the oceans, so it’s essential that we take care of them. Let’s protect what we love!” she added.

Other activities will be offered along the St. Lawrence elsewhere in Québec. In the water and on the banks, free divers, stand-up paddle boarders, pedestrians and cyclists are all invited to take part.

“Nature plays a big role in our lives, allowing us to re-energize so that we can become a better version of ourselves — which has become even more important over the last year. We felt it was vital to channel the energy of the past few months by mobilizing outdoor enthusiasts to take care of our environment. Let’s clean-up our favourite outdoor terrains so that we can enjoy them together all summer long and while ensuring everyone’s health and safety,” said Carl Goyette, President and Chief Executive Officer of GURU.

Also up: skateparks
Are you staying in town this summer? There are many opportunities for fun, especially in skateparks – even if too often debris tends to accumulate there. But the GURU Good Crew is on it and appealing to skateboarders to help make the season go smoothly. Various clean-up activities will take place this summer in Montréal skateparks so stay tuned!

For more information:

  • Check out the GURU Good Crew page to register and learn all the details of coming activities in Québec and elsewhere in Canada. You have to register, but it’s free of charge at https://www.guruenergy.com/cleanup
  • Share your pictures on social media with the hashtags #escouadeguru and #cleanupguru
  • These activities are being organized in accordance with the various public health measures in effect in the different regions of Québec.

About GURU
GURU Organic Energy Corp. (TSX: GURU) is a dynamic, fast-growing beverage company launched in 1999, when it pioneered the world’s first natural, plant-based energy drink. The Company markets organic energy drinks in Canada and the United States through a distribution network of more than 21,000 points of sale, and through guruenergy.com and Amazon. GURU has built an inspiring brand with a clean list of organic plant-based ingredients. Its drinks offer consumers good energy that never comes at the expense of their health. The Company is committed to achieving its mission of cleaning the energy drink industry in Canada and the United States. For more information, go to www.guruenergy.com or follow us @guruenergydrink on Instagram and @guruenergy on Facebook.


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