November 16th, 2020

// Gym Closed? How You Can Reach Your Fitness Goals in Your Own Home

Gym Closed? How You Can Reach Your Fitness Goals in Your Own Home

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, thousands of gyms shut down to control the spread of the virus. Though some gyms have started opening up again in recent months, many gyms remain closed. Don't let your closed gym stop you from reaching your fitness goals. Work out from the comfort of your own home and get fit with these tips.

Stream Your Workouts

The internet is filled with free online workouts that you can stream directly to your phone, television, or computer. The most important thing is to pick a workout you enjoy and do it regularly. This is also a great way to try something new without having to commit to a workout class or a gym. Try something that you haven't don't before, such as kickboxing, Zumba, or strength training.

Get Creative With Equipment

Don't let a lack of equipment at your home stop you from getting a sweat. Get creative with things you have around the house. For example, a gallon of water weighs eight pounds and can be used as a dumbbell substitute, or an old shirt can be cut and tied to make a fitness band. Look around the house to see what you can use, and make what you find work.

Try Virtual Fitness Coaching

Those who prefer working out with a personal trainer may be frustrated that their gym is closed. However, you don’t have to break social distancing guidelines to work with a trainer. You can use a virtual fitness coach to stay fit during this time. Fitness coaches, like those at Plan 7 Coaching, may be available for virtual fitness classes or for individual coaching. Fitness coaches can help you stay motivated and keep you accountable.

Keep on Top of Your Numbers

It's easy to let the stress of life lead to comfort eating and skipping a few workouts. The best way to stay on top of your fitness goals is to watch your numbers. Keep meals within your personalized macros and calorie counts, check your weight or body fat weekly, and keep track of your workouts to motivate you.

Stay Accountable

Having a sense of accountability can help keep you motivated to stay on top of your goals. Connect with friends via social media or text messaging, and challenge each other to work out regularly. Check-in with each other to encourage each other to succeed. A friendly wager over who can work out the most or lose the most weight over a set time can bring out your group's competitive side and make working out more fun.

A closed gym doesn't mean that you have to put your fitness goals on pause. Get creative and use some of these tips to stay fit and healthy during this time.


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