January 31st, 2019

// ‘Gym dates’ the perfect solution for multitasking singles

‘Gym dates’ the perfect solution for multitasking singles 

Juggling the demands of work, errands, spending time with friends and family, plus exercising regularly, more Canadian singles are finding themselves with no time for romance.  Now, more people are choosing the gym as their favourite dating venue. Working out is a great way to spend fun, informal time together and can be the most convenient option for stressed-out singles. It’s not surprising that millennials are the most likely demographic to find romance at the gym. Six out of 10 say they prefer to meet romantic partners through shared interests. And fitness is a huge interest among that cohort -- nearly nine out of 10 (87%) work out more than once a week. Not only that but millennials are lonely and tired of dating – they’re 65 percent more likely to feel lonely and 36 percent more likely to feel burned out by dating. 

A gym date sounds like the perfect answer. Exercising together reveals important details about your date - you learn about their work ethic, ability to have fun and maybe even how they respond to instructor input during a fitness class.  Physical activity with a potential partner is also a great way to amplify attraction. In fact, the body reacts to exercise in the same way as it does when we feel attracted to another person – our palms sweat, our face flushes, and our heartbeat speeds up. Even better, studies show that when we exercise with someone who we find attractive, we get more from our workout. And we’re more likely to choose a romantic partner who shares an interest in being active. But a gym date can go badly if you don’t plan ahead. Here are some dos and don’ts for the perfect gym date:

• If you’re choosing a group fitness class, DO pick one that’s suitable for multiple skill levels.Yoga, spin or dance-inspired classes like BODYJAM are great options. Most gyms allow members to bring a guest.

• Do dress to impress. Gym clothes that are functional and presentable are key. Consider buying a new outfit. It might serve as a confidence boost. 

• Choose cardio if you want to chat. If you’re looking to get to know each other better, consider doing some cardio to have more time to chat. If you’d rather not make small talk, opt for a group fitness class where you can only talk before and after the workout. 

• Don’t try to exercise for too long. Aim for 45 minutes at first. If you go much longer, you’ll be too tired and sweaty to enjoy the rest of your date.

• Don’t objectify your date. Feel free to comment if they seem strong or fit, but don’t go overboard, and don’t stare.

• Do check your ego at the door. Show you’re fit but try not to show off. The date won’t go well if you seem full of yourself.

• Don’t wear headphones. The goal is to have fun with your date. Save the beats for solo time.

• Don’t do PDAs. Remember you’re in a public place. Try not to make those around you feel uncomfortable.

• Do plan for a meal or drink after the workout. This will be your chance to really get to know each other and rehash the highlights of your sweat session. 


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