March 27th, 2020

// Hand-Sanitizer Manufacturing Exchange Is Launched

Hand-Sanitizer Manufacturing Exchange Is Launched

OTTAWA and TORONTO, March 27, 2020 /CNW/ - Cosmetics Alliance Canada, the Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association and Spirits Canada today launched the Hand-Sanitizer Manufacturing Exchange as part of their efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Hand-sanitizers are recognized as one of the effective tools in combatting the transfer of the COVID-19 virus and a measure that can be easily and safely utilized by everyone in stopping the spread of this disease.

"Our three organizations have come together to aid in faster, safer and effective scale-up of hand-sanitizer production across Canada", said Cosmetics Alliance Canada CEO, Darren Praznik. 

"People are coming together to do what they can in this crisis but Canadians need access to safe products. DIY hand-sanitizers, the latest trend on social media is at best ineffective against COVID-19 and at worst potentially dangerous. We pledge to do our best to ensure that Canadians have an adequate supply of safe and effective hand-sanitizer for you and your family," says Shannon Coombs, President of CCSPA. 

Developed in collaboration with Health Canada, the Exchange provides a single platform where firms interested in making hand-sanitizer or contributing to its manufacture will be able to exchange information to locate available materials, services or manufacturing capacity needed for production.

The initiative parallels Health Canada action expediting approvals of companies interested in making hand-sanitizer, a product regulated under Health Canada's Natural Health Product Regulations, part of Canada's Food and Drugs Act

The Exchange reminds all interested parties that they should consult Health Canada's March 242020 bulletin outlining how hand-sanitizer products and the companies making them may seek expedited approvals.

Jan Westcott, CEO of Spirits Canada noted that, "As governments all across Canada are mobilizing to ensure the supply of critical medical equipment and health products, we and our Cosmetics and Consumer Specialty Products partners are pleased to be able to do our part in helping with the disinfectant component of the fight."

Joining the three Exchange developers are the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) who will host the Exchange on their web-site.

On behalf of:

Darren Praznik Shannon Coombs
Cosmetics Alliance CanadaCanadian Consumer Specialty Products Association

Jan Westcott
Spirits Canada

Cosmetics Alliance Canada is the national trade association of the cosmetics and personal care products industry in Canada.  Our over 150 member companies manufacture and distribute cosmetics and other personal care products including hand-sanitizers, anti-microbial soaps and other critical personal hygiene products. Our membership also includes companies that provide goods and services to the industry including suppliers of ingredients, components and services required in manufacturing, as well as distributors and retailers. More information can be found at

CCSPA is a national trade association that represents 35 member companies in 87 facilities across Canada. Our companies manufacture, process, package and distribute consumer, industrial and institutional specialty products such as soaps and detergents, pest control products, aerosols, hard surface disinfectants, deodorizers and automotive chemicals. We are a $20 billion industry directly employing over 12,000 people, with annual exports of $1 billion. CCSPA also provides an excellent website – a one-stop source of information for Canadians about our products and their benefits – at

Spirits Canada is the sole national trade association representing Canadian manufacturers and marketers of consumer branded distilled spirits. Member companies produce a wide range of spirits with Canadian Whisky and Canadian Rye Whisky being the Industry's signature products. Canadian Spirits manufacturers are "grains-to-glass" primary manufacturers with over 150 years of experience and knowledge transforming Canadian-grown barley, corn, rye and wheat into premium distilled spirits including Gin, Vodka, Whisky. Liqueurs and ready-to-drink refreshment beverages.  Canadian Spirits manufacturers have a global reputation for the production of safe, reliable and authentic premium spirits brands enjoyed by discerning consumers across Canada and in over 150 foreign markets.

Visit our website to learn more at .

SOURCE Spirits Canada


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