January 31st, 2020

// Have a Fitness Goal in the New Year? Here’s 4 Ways to Stay on Track

Have a Fitness Goal in the New Year? Here’s 4 Ways to Stay on Track

For many people, getting in shape is at the top of their list of New Year’s resolutions. However, fitness goals can be very difficult to keep unless you know how to stay on track. If getting fit is your priority for this year, here are a few ways you can stay focused and achieve your goals.

Don’t Quit Cold Turkey

Once the holidays are over, it can be tempting to completely swear off “junk” food for good. However, many people find that cutting out sugar and carbs completely can make them tired, hungry, and cranky. Instead of dropping the junk in one fell swoop, focus on replacing one food at a time with a healthier option. Instead of reaching for cookies, grab some nuts. Making healthy swaps gradually over time will allow you to ease into healthy eating and ensure you have the energy to crush your fitness goals.

Have an Accountability Partner

Fortunately, it isn’t hard to find people who desperately want to get healthy this time of year. Friends, family, and fitness groups in your community can help you stay on track by working towards your goals together. It’s a lot harder to stay home and watch mindless television when your fitness pal is ready to go run some laps. Having a gym buddy holds you accountable to your goals, and it is way more fun than working out alone. If none of your friends are willing to partner up with you, find a fitness training facilitythat offers classes where you can meet people with similar goals.

Start Small and Be Realistic

Resolving to do 100 pushups on January 1st is a recipe for failure if you aren’t able to do one on December 31st. Start small and work your way up to bigger achievements throughout the year. Instead of resolving to lose 100 pounds, break that goal down into small, measurable progress points. If you lose two pounds per week, you’ll meet your goal by the end of the year. Two pounds feels less intimidating than 100 pounds, so you’ll be more likely to meet your goal when you break it down this way.

Track Your Habits

Tracking your habits using a journal or app is a great way to note your progress. You’ll be able to see how far you’ve come and figure out why you didn’t meet your goals on certain days. Fitness-related habits to track can include food intake, workout time, repetitions, steps, and cheat days. If you skipped a workout, be sure to note why so you can improve in the future.


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