January 7th, 2020

// Have You Suffered a Minor Exercise Injury? Here’s 4 Tips for Recovery

Have You Suffered a Minor Exercise Injury? Here’s 4 Tips for Recovery

It is a good idea to exercise as much as possible, but you may suffer an injury that will sideline you for several days or for a few weeks. To help you recover faster, there are multiple tips that are recommended by health care experts. Use these four methods to have a shorter recovery time so that you can return to your regular exercise routine.

Use Ice Packs or a Heating Pad

With your physician’s approval, you can use an ice pack or a heating pad on your injured body part. It is important to use these methods for only a few minutes every hour to reduce your pain. You can find ice packs and a heating pad at a local drugstore. Keep the ice packs in a freezer overnight so that the items are ready to use the next day. Place a heating pad over the injured body part while you are sitting in a chair or reclining on a bed. To avoid any problems, don’t use these items while you are sleeping.

Rest as Much as Possible

It is important to rest as much as possible when you have an injury after exercising. While you sleep, your body’s immune system is replenished, creating natural hormones that will promote healing. Don’t try to overcome an exercise injury by continuing the physical activity or by performing strenuous chores at home.

Wearing a Brace to Help Your Body Heal

If you sprain an ankle while running, then you must support the body part with a high-quality ankle compressionbrace. These are available in a variety of sizes so that the item fits comfortably while also applying pressure on the sprained ankle. With the pressure from elastic, it is possible to reduce the swelling and pain in the ankle while also continuing to walk occasionally during the healing process.

Consume a Nutritious Diet Each Day

During the healing process, it is vital to consume a nutritious diet, so this is not the time to enjoy greasy hamburgers or pizza. Begin eating more fruits and vegetables that will contain the vitamins and minerals that your body requires for healing an injury. Lean protein consumption is also essential, so you can continue to eat poultry, pork or beef.

Last, you should drink a lot of water to avoid any dehydration. Additional water consumption can help with the removal of the toxins in your body that can increase after an injury occurs.


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