May 26th, 2020

// Hawaii’s Best Kept Secret, AWESOME BALM™, Ideal for Complete Fitness Routines

Hawaii’s Big Island-based contractor and avid surfer Jerry Iwankiw, has announced the release of AWESOME BALM™, an all-natural, handcrafted balm that melts away the discomfort of sore muscles, aching joints, and everyday tension  – helping one’s body to perform at its best. So, listen up surfers, yogis, athletes, adventure and beauty secret seekers alike - this product was created for those with enthusiastic and active lifestyles who dream of living more, hurting less as well as playing hard and recovering fast.

AWESOME BALM™’s first product released on May 15 was its Warming Muscle Melt ($28.00 retail), developed in Hawaii with world-class ingredients including essential oils, seed extracts and proteins found in the following ingredients:

·Kukui Nut Oil - aims at moisturizing, rejuvenating the skin and supporting skin cell health;

·Turmeric - assists with anti-inflammation;

·Arnica Essential Oils - assists with muscle-soothing;

·Beeswax – aims to support anti-allergenic support and soothe irritated skin;  

·Coconut Oil – aims to hydrate skin, improve elasticity and collagen production and includes antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A, that helps to reduce the damage from free radicals and the sun;

·Menthol, Camphor, Ginger, Cayenne - a natural heat-building blend that adds a warming sensation, increases circulation, and eases tension;

AWESOME BALM™ products have 100% plastic free packaging and include a recycled paper tube inside a recycled paper carton.  Attached please find the Press Release that includes more information. For more information, please visit or via social channels @awesomebalm #awesomebalm additional information.



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