June 18th, 2020

// Healing the Healer Within: 8 Secrets to Unleashing Your Potential

Healing the Healer Within: 8 Secrets to Unleashing Your Potential  

Los Angeles, CA – Legendary Trauma Therapist, Dr. Cheri McDonald releases her third book “Healing the Healer Within: 8 Secrets to Unleashing Your Potential”

Self-doubt doesn’t have to stop you from your calling. In Healing the Healer Within , Dr. Cheri McDonald has created the “You Do You” for healers in the making. Dr. Cheri’s innovative approach demonstrates how to become the healer that you were called to be, without feeling like a fraud. Many professionals in the industry can be caught by imposter syndrome, which can greatly impact their ability to serve their clients. 

Healing the Healer Within addresses the proven techniques to break through your doubts and be the confident healer you know you are? If you are ready and serious about helping others, this is the book for you. Here, Dr Cheri will help you discover the clarity and assurance you need to stop wishing and burst into your life’s work.

In this book you will learn how to:
·      Conquer imposter syndrome and start believing in yourself
·      Express confidence in being a healer
·      Start doing the work you are called to right now.
·      Keep going even when doubts arise
·      Love the Healer you’ve become

To schedule an interview with  Dr. Cheri McDonald, contact Lauren or Gene of Propellant PR & Marketing at gene@propellantpr.com

About Dr. Cheri McDonald

Dr. Cheri McDonald is a 35-year veteran that runs one of the hottest psychotherapy practices in the country. She is a bestselling author of 2 books with her 3rd on its way. Dr. Cheri is the founder of the #breakfree movement and she believes that we are bombarded with hate and negativity every day and this is contrary to our human nature. It impacts our ability to trust and become personally vulnerable. This can leads to a cycle of loneliness and isolation which can be difficult to break. According to Dr. Cheri, therapy is a great practice where individuals can gain tools and relief, but oftentimes the work a patient does in the therapy room does not get translated to the real world.  Dr. Cheri is dedicated to helping individuals break free of their trauma and rise up to be their best self. She has been featured on NBC, Good Morning La La Land, Fox, The Today Show, KUSI San Diego, Shape Magazine, MSN and numerous others. Her articles have been viewed by over 10 million readers.

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