November 8th, 2018

// Here are 5 surprising “healthy” foods that may be upsetting your stomach

After overindulging during the holidays, many people resolve to eat healthy as the New Year begins.  Here are 5 surprising "healthy" foods that may be upsetting your stomach

1.      Juicing: New year's juice cleanses often deliver a concentrated source of fructose (often apple based) or other "FODMAPs" (foods that can be hard to digest) like beets and celery.

2.      Giant salads: full of bulky, stomach-stretching insoluble fiber that can take some time for the stomach to break down enough to pass through digestive tract.  Some sensitive people may also experience abdominal distention or bloating from acid indigestion.

3.      Sugarless gum-- some people find the xylitol or sorbitol to produce intestinal gas, while others swallow excess air when chewing gum, causing belching and upper GI discomfort

4.      Bean pastas: Low glycemic pastas made from chickpeas and other beans are high in protein and fiber and great for blood sugar control, but they deliver a very potent punch difficult-to-digest fibers and resistant starch that cause many people excessive intestinal gas

5.      Cauliflower-- its the fave low carb, keto and paleo staple-- cauli rice, cauli crusts, cauli chips... but this objectively healthy food naturally contains mannitol, which can create excess intestinal gas

Even the best ab workout in the world won’t flatten a belly plagued by chronic bloating, a condition that affects up to one in five Americans.  For anyone tired of feeling like they’re carrying a “food baby” after lunch, waking up at night with painful indigestion or trying not to pass gas when on a date or in meetings, registered dietician Tamara Duker Freuman is here to help.

Freuman has spent her career talking candidly about the digestive issues many people are too embarrassed to discuss with others.   Most importantly, she knows how to fix these problems.  She’s known as “The Bloated Belly Whisperer” by grateful patients and the hundreds of thousands of readers per month who have followed her advice on US News + World Report’s eat+run blog and Yahoo! Health for the past six years.

THE BLOATED BELLY WHISPERER (St. Martin’s Press, Dec. 24, $28.99), is a game-changer, allowing anyone to finally figure out what’s causing their digestive distress—and giving them the tools to fix it, once and for all.  Bloating means different things to different people, and Freuman helps readers discover the most likely cause—and solution-- for their digestive distress, no matter how long they’ve suffered.

The book begins with a comprehensive quiz dismp rrecting readers to specific chapters addressing different causes of bloat, and includes fifty gut-friendly recipes from a renowned Bon Appetit editor.  With a customized course of treatment based on the latest research, bloated-belly sufferers can start to see results in as early as one week.


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