September 2nd, 2015

// Hey Runners! Introducing The HipZIPP

Hey Runners! Introducing The HipZIPP

The HipZIPP was inspired by many failed run belts on the market. They don't fit all the essentials (Phone, ID, Gels, etc.). They aren't very well balanced, they bounce, and they're a nuisance to get anything out of them once you've put something inside them. So we went ahead and created something that worked, that innovated and revolutionized the market of run belts. We took everything bad about the countless run belts, eliminated it, and created something amazing and good. Though this did not happen over night. Countless prototypes, countless runs, jogs, walks, and even treadmill tests at the gym went into perfecting the HipZIPP. We wanted to create something that was fashionable enough to wear at the gym, but comfortable enough to wear on your morning runs. With 2 large zippered pockets and a tucked away mini pocket, this belt will fit your phone, gel packs, and your ID or credit card.

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