January 12th, 2024

// Hey…The blog is back

Hello to anyone who follows this blog or knows I even have one. I actually have been blogging since around 2009-2010 on and off. Usually reviews and fitness things. Kind of the same on and off as my vlogs and my socials. It always feels like the same things on all of my platforms at times. Im literally doing all the same things as many others but never break through - never really reach the viral content or quite see the success that I want from it. So I take time away. I get fixated on whatever new path or challenge I take and then always find myself back to try again.

Now that 2024 is here my goals are:

  1. Compete again
  2. Weekly Vlogs
  3. Blog/Reviews
  4. Open myself up to love
  5. Pay off debts
  6. Advance my online coaching business
  7. Advance in my career at work
  8. Journal

Basically I just want to work on the higher version of myself.

Hoping to keep with it and just work on my scheduling out everything to be more organized.


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