February 21st, 2019

// HIIT Workouts Are A HIT for Millennials

HIIT Workouts Are A HIT for Millennials

Who Lack Time or Money for Fitness


Vince Sant, Millennial Fitness Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of 

V Shred Shares Expert Insights


Millennials commonly referred to as “generation stress” would benefit most from a steady workout routine. Yet, according to a survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine in 2019, 50% claim to be too busy to exercise and 35% admit to a lack of motivation. 

Of the ones who do try to work out, they don’t want to be tied to expensive memberships at massive gyms. They prefer a smaller studio experience and at-home workouts leading to the growing popularity of online portals and fitness apps. 

To serve up some tips specifically for millennials looking to shred up, is Vince Sant male model, Certified Fitness Trainer, Millennial Fitness Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of the V Shred online fitness portal currently “blowing up” online. 

With over 600k followers on Instagram and over 800k You Tube Subscribers, Vince is a legit fitness influencer committed to offering fellow millennials fast, efficient, workouts that they can stick with that deliver visible results.

1. Do a quick HIIT 

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is all over social media featuring workouts that combine short bursts of intense moves done for a shorter amount of time, followed by a short rest. These bursts get the heart pounding fast and can boost cardio-respiratory health in less time. 

When you do 8 burpees in 20 seconds, knee raises for 20 seconds, then a 20 second rest. Then you do jumping jacks for 20 seconds, push-ups for 20 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, and then repeat the circuit for 10 minutes, you will see how fast it goes and how your breathing becomes heavier as your cardiovascular system is being challenged.

Vince Sant explains that “Millennials want to see fast results. We are used to immediate gratification so when you feel your body firming up and notice clothes fitting differently within a few days, you’ll be more likely to stick with it.”

2. Create an at-home mini gym that won’t break the bank.

According to Vince, whose V Shred fitness program can be done in the gym or at home, you can get away with zero equipment but if you want to take it up a notch, there are a few must-haves.. 2 dumbbells (5, 10 and 20 pounds, for beginners), resistance bands and a work out mat. “You don’t need to get too fancy with contraptions and complicated machines shown on TV. You can get a lot accomplished with these basic things that aren’t expensive at all,” says Vince. 

3. No Equipment No Problem! 

Check out this popular YouTube video of Vince demonstrating at-home moves using your own body resistance that can be done in under 5 minutes. 

4. Create time by being body efficient.

HIIT exercises can be done within 5 minutes right in your home so time isn’t really an issue. You want to think in terms of seconds. Each move done for 25 seconds, adds up to a fast chunk of minutes. You become much more efficient and body confident as you see what you can accomplish within 90 seconds. “Imagine if all you did to get started the first week was a 20-second plank, followed by 5 push-ups, then a 30-second plank, then 30 seconds of jump squats daily before your shower. That’s less than 2 minutes and you can always increase each week,” encourages Vince.

5. Pay attention to your breathing. 

Muscles need oxygen to operate at full capacity. You really want to inhale during the easier part of the move then exhale when more strength is required. “In the case of squats, you would inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up. It’s amazing how many people aren’t breathing correctly, then feel tired or even dizzy when working out. Don’t be afraid to breathe deeply. Your body needs the oxygen and the more it needs, the more work you’re getting done,” says Vince.

6. Bash through boredom by with fun, fast supersets.

Supersets call for doing multiple exercises back-to-back. “This not only helps the workout go by quicker, but it also bumps up the number of calories burned. 

When doing full-body workouts, to maintain a high intensity and get the most out of pairing exercises back-to-back, alternate between upper and lower body movements. That way, one muscle group is always recovering while the other is working. 

An example of a superset is 10 squat jumps followed by 20 seconds of tricep dips, 20 seconds of mountain climbers, then 15 bicep curls. You can do 4 reps of these supersets and feel that burn within 5 minutes. 

7. None of it matters without the diet. 

A lot of millennials use food as their motivation thinking they can eat whatever they want if they just work out. While it’s true that millennials have younger and faster metabolisms, they are also part of a generation exposed to high fructose corn syrup and supersized everything. “Eating well, along with daily workouts are what maintains your results, and you want to plan 10 years out. If you want to look and feel amazing well into your 40’s, then what you do at 25 and 30 will establish the lifestyle necessary for a long-term gain,” Vince says. He humorously adds, “Fitness is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition, you can’t out-run your fork.”

About V Shred: 

V Shred is the fastest growing fitness and nutrition brand in the world offering online training programs designed to put the fun back into fitness and nutrition. V Shred provides a results-driven enduring lifestyle change instead of a frustrating battle that is easy to give up on. With a support network comprised of trusted accredited advisors and virtual personal trainers, people meet their fitness, nutrition, and goals. 

The company, co-founded in 2015 by Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall, Kevin Pearn, and Vince Sant, sought out to create a healthy fitness movement specifically designed to deliver profound changes in your body with the minimal amount of workout time. V Shred has created some of the world's most popular fitness and nutrition programs such as Fat Loss Extreme for men and women, Toned in 90 Days for women and Ripped in 90 Days for men. 

The diet that accompanies the workouts in these comprehensive fitness programs, offers plenty of healthy food options and recipes. V Shred’s supportive coaches encourage “portion empowerment” which inspires people to eat and enjoy food knowing it’s the fuel they need to achieve the results they seek. 

V Shred is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information visit http://www.vshred.com


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