August 5th, 2020

// Hogan Pharmacy Ready to Implement Provincial Government Call for Medication Safety Technology for Long-Term Care Now

Hogan Pharmacy Ready to Implement Provincial Government Call for Medication Safety Technology for Long-Term Care Now

Ready to Provide Automated Dispensing Cabinets and Registered Pharmacy Technicians Today to All Ontario Long Term Care Homes, Keeping Insulin & Fentanyl Locked Away

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CAMBRIDGE, ON, Aug. 4, 2020 /CNW/ - Hogan Pharmacy Partners applauds Premier Ford and Minister Fullerton's announcement of the Medication Safety Technology Program to make significant improvements to the Long-Term Care Pharmacy System and to the way that Ontario's Seniors receive their medications. Hogan Pharmacy Partners has been sharing its medication safety technologies with the Ministry since 2018 to support Ontario in its vision to improve the quality of life and care for all of Ontario's most valuable elders. 

"Most Ontario Nursing Homes rely on already tragically overworked Nurses to manage all of the medications in Nursing Homes," says Hogan's Vice President, Becky Agar. "And potentially fatal medications like insulin and fentanyl are literally still being stored in plastic lockboxes with a hardware-store padlock. It's no surprise that narcotics and insulin go missing in so many Nursing Homes every day in Ontario."

"We've already heard from the Wettlaufer Inquiry and the Canadian Armed Forces Report during their stay in Ontario Homes during COVID-19 that our Nurses need the support of Profiled Dispensing Cabinets to make medication administration safer for Residents and easier for them to give high-risk medications and to protect Residents from accidental harm and those who wish to do them harm on purpose."

Becky Agar continues, "When Ontario Families start returning to visit their loved ones in Nursing Homes, they need to start asking direct questions now about how medications are being stored in the Home, and what their Nursing Home's plan is to bring in Profiled Dispensing Cabinets and 24-Hour Pharmacists to keep their loved ones safe as soon as possible."

Founded in 2015, Hogan Pharmacy Partners was the first Long-Term Care Pharmacy to use Automated Dispensing Cabinets and is still the ONLY Pharmacy that makes sure that these cabinets are tailored to specifically identify each individual Resident and their individual medication record. Hogan Pharmacy is also the first Long-Term Care Pharmacy to employ full-time Pharmacy Technicians in Long-Term Care Homes, working daily to support hard-working Nurses as they care for Ontario's Seniors. Recognized by Justice Gillese and the Long Term Care Inquiry in 2018 as a Leader in Medication Safety, our award-winning Pharmacist-Led Medication Reconciliation has been shown to help Ontario Nursing Home Residents take fewer medications and have an improved quality of life, and allows Long-Term Care Nurses to spend more time with their Residents, a cornerstone service that Hogan Pharmacy provides to all of our Partner Nursing Homes. Every Hogan-supplied medication is accessed only by fingerprint, with no missing insulin doses or runaway narcotics in a Hogan-run Nursing Home.

Ontario Long-Term Care Residents deserve the safest, most trusted medication systems in the Homes where they live. Hogan Pharmacy Partners again salutes the significant investment the Province is making to improve the lives of all Ontario Long-Term Care Residents.

SOURCE Hogan Pharmacy Partners Ltd.


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