January 29th, 2020

// How a Dream of Coming to America Led This Immigrant to a Successful Career in Cannabis.

How a Dream of Coming to America Led This Immigrant to a Successful Career in Cannabis. 

VVENERA’s Founder and CEO, Said Alievich entered the cannabis industry after fulfilling his childhood dream of coming to America to become a petroleum engineer took a significant toll on his health. Alievich’s CBD & wellness company, VVENERA, adamantly oversees the entire manufacturing process of their products to cultivate the nation’s premier line of industrial hemp derived Phyto Cannabinoids to use within their products. VVENERA’s products are grown organically to make certain that consumers are not ingesting contaminants such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, solvents, and heavy metals. 

Said Alievich, the Founder and CEO of VVENERA, was inspired to craft his own high-quality CBD products that help regulate the physiology of our body’s systems all while eliminating the harmful side effects of using pharmaceutical drugs. With a number of retailers across North Carolina, Georgia, and California carrying its products, VVENERA is rapidly expanding its footprint of hemp-based products sourced from Kentucky, as well as the opportunity for individuals to live a healthier lifestyle, throughout the United States. 

Born in Dagestan, Russia, Alievich grew up near the Caspian Sea until age ten when he moved with his mother and stepfather to Amman, Jordan. “By the time I finished high school in Jordan, I had one dream — to come to America.” Says Alievich. He first arrived in the U.S. in January of 2011 at Palm Desert, CA to attend community college to follow his then dream to become a petroleum engineer. But the stresses of adapting to a new school that teaches in a different language and coinciding circumstances can be draining on the body and mind.

Because of his challenges with the stress of studying to be an engineer in a foreign language and adapting to a new culture, Said struggled with insomnia, body aches, and other health issues. After finding his health benefit from the CBD products, Said started VVENERA to produce first-rate hemp-based products to provide people with natural relief from pain, anxiety, and more. “My mission is to create a healthier, happier life for millions of people that are struggling to make it through a productive day due to debilitating stress and anxiety,” says Alievich. 

VVENERA’s commitment to helping others improve the quality of their lives stems from Alievich’s dream, which he was able to bring to life through dedication, hard work, and most importantly self-care. 

For more information on Said Alievich and VVENERA, please visit www.VVENERA.com.


Said Alievich was born in Dagestan, Russia and moved to Amman, Jordan as a child. By the time he finished high school in Jordan, Said had one dream — to come to America. Fast-forward to today, Said has a degree in Engineering and is a serial entrepreneur. He’s the owner of Platinum Transport Luxury Car Service in Southern California, as well as the Founder and CEO of a CBD and wellness company, VVENERA. All of VVENERA’s products are sourced from Kentucky and are subject to 3rd-party compliance and quality testing measures. Their finished products are manufactured using GMP, or ISO-certified processes that adhere to CGMP and FDA regulations, ensuring that their products meet the highest quality international food safety standards.

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