May 1st, 2021

// How a Momtrepreneur is Changing the Way We Workout Through an

How a Momtrepreneur is Changing the Way We Workout Through an

On-Demand Water Fitness System

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Women in Tech Founders Award Finalist Available for Interviews 

What is Fluid Running?

Certified fitness trainer Jennifer Conroyd developed a serious, no-impact aquatic high-tech workout after she was injured and needed to rehab to run a marathon. Her Fluid Running workout is an on-demand deep water running workout system that's like a Peloton for the pool. It uses a special flotation belt and Bluetooth, waterproof headphones that connect with the app that allows users to hear music-backed workouts led by Jennifer. Movement in cool, circulating water helps improve flexibility while cushioning the joints and reducing inflammation. Water also creates resistance and uses core and upper body muscles, which is why deep-water running burns about 40% more calories than land running. Get into the deep end of the pool (or bay or lake) and hit “play” for a running workout that’s perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Why did Jennifer Conroyd Invent Fluid Running?

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Jennifer Conroyd is the quintessential momtrepreneur. A certified fitness trainer, she founded Fluid Running in 2011 after an injury left her unable to run in preparation for the 2010 Chicago Marathon. She ran exclusively in deep water for the six weeks leading up to the race, and not only finished that marathon, but qualified for the Boston Marathon.  Jennifer, a graduate of Miami University, certified personal trainer, and mom of three adult boys, wanted a way for everyone to stay active without the risk of injury. Jennifer is an accomplished athlete, having completed the Ironman and has run 16 marathons, qualifying for the Boston Marathon 15 times. Jennifer resides in Chicago and was named a finalist for the 2018 Women in Tech Founders award.

The Path to Product Development: Jennifer met Mike Lambert, a technologist and digital marketer in a co-working space during a weekly entrepreneur lunch. Jennifer’s inspiring story prompted Mike to share his idea about using an app to deliver classes instead of instructors. Within a month, they had people testing out a prototype, and six months later, the product was complete. Fluid Running offers in-person classes in the Chicago area, however, the on- demand system is available for purchase in The United States, Canada, Australia, and throughout the EU. 

What Fluid Running Has Accomplished

Sales were over $400K last year.

Over 1000 people have taken the group class, with over 2000 On-demand customers via online purchase. 

 After being named one of the "20 Best Workouts in America" by Men's Journal, interest arose internationally resulting in Fluid Running adding an On-demand, app-based program that can be done by anyone, anywhere. 

   In summer 2020 growth rates were over 1,000% 


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