December 11th, 2017

// How Avoiding Your Doctor’s Advice Could Lead to Bigger Issues

How Avoiding Your Doctor’s Advice Could Lead to Bigger Issues

Avoiding medical treatment is a leading cause of health problems in the United States. Many patients may actually go do the doctor when a health problem arrives, but they neglect to follow instructions for further treatment or avoid taking medications that are prescribed. In addition, most of these patients also refuse or avoid follow up examinations, making their healthcare all the more problematic.

There are many reasons why avoiding your doctor’s advice could lead to much bigger problems, but these are some primary ones to consider. Think about each of these, so that you and your physician can work together toward the best healthcare possible for your needs.

Proper Health Care Requires Treatment and Follow up Coordination

For any medical treatment to be effective, it must be done according to a scientific method and a process with checks and balances. A physician is unable to accurately assess the results of any medical treatment, if the patient refuses to follow their instructions and regiment for taking medications. Proper health must follow the standards of practice or it is all guesswork, and won’t be likely to benefit the patient healthcare overall.

Not Following Medical Advice and Instructions Causes Other Health Problems

The primary risk of avoiding instructions and advice from a physician is having other health problems manifest. Most illness, if left untreated will cause other conditions throughout the body. This is because the healthcare of the entire body is necessary, as all internal systems interact and become impacted when another part of the body is sick. This includes all physical therapies, diagnostic procedures, surgical needs, medications, and follow up examinations. Without the advice of a qualified physician, the patient may be putting themselves at risk for health complications that would not manifest otherwise.

Bad Interactions with Non-Prescribed Medications Are Dangerous

Taking the wrong combination of medications can have serious health risks to the patient, or complicate their current treatments negatively. Using non-prescribed drugs, alternative medicines, illegal drugs, or even alcohol can greatly impact patient health, while backsliding any benefits their treatments might have been providing. The complications caused by mixing incompatible medications and drugs is perhaps the most dangerous way of avoiding a doctor’s advice. This is primarily because when a patient does this, it is also unlikely such a person will inform their primary care physician, unless something worse manifests health wise.

Not Following Medical Treatment Can Impact Patient Health Benefits

As if the potential for positive healthcare impact being lost weren’t bad enough, the patient refusing to follow medical advice could lose access to medical care by legal default. Many healthcare providers, insurance companies, nursing care groups (like ACN SCAM), and administrative care organizations view avoiding proper treatment as a hindrance to their effectiveness and a risk to patient safety. Thus some situations create a hostile environment for all involved, which can lead to a patient being dropped from a medical plan or insurance provider’s coverage. Losing medical benefits can impact a patient permanently, and is often and cause irrecoverable health problems.

Lack of Necessary Treatment Can Threaten Patient Life Expectancy

In the most extreme cases, not getting necessary treatments can be fatal. Anyone who refuses or avoids critical healthcare procedures is putting their own life at great risk, but also creates a medical environment that makes physicians and nurses unable to do their jobs properly. In all cases of terminal or critical care, life expectancy goes down significantly, when a patient lacks necessary and available healthcare.

The results of avoiding a physician’s advice inevitably complicate the health of any patient, thus causes bigger issues to manifest. Following a doctor’s advice is part of the patient contract. In order for a physician to be most effective, they must have an honest relationship with those persons under their care. Otherwise, any benefits from treatment will be negated and the patient health will not improve


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