February 22nd, 2019

// How does drinking water during exercise impact your results

This morning a client sent me a pic as they were finishing their cardio! I look into the cup holder and what do I see. Coffee. Now I myself have been guilty of caffeine while doing cardio but what is next to it...water. Good old high quality H20. You should be drinking water both during cardio and training. And here’s why: 

How does drinking water during exercise impact your results

1. Hydration is a key component to how well the muscles can contract. A dehydrated muscle loses it's ability to lengthen and contract properly, which reduces power out put and can lead to a faster state of fatigue to the muscle.

2. Drinking water during exercise helps the muscles being trained stay elastic, which reduces risks of muscle strains and muscle cramps.

3. The body loses 2-3 litres of water during intense exercise over a 60 minute period. This leads to an imbalance of electrolytes. This can reduce your hearts ability to maintain normal function during training, and can lead to muscle injury and excessive fatigue/exhaustion.

4. Hydrating your body during training helps the CNS to send signals to your working muscles at a fast and efficient rate. The more efficient the CNS is, the more power the muscle can generate. Dehydration leads to a slower signal, which leads to less power out put, lowering exercise performance and a lower return of investment for your time in the gym.

5. Water helps to volumize muscle cells during exercise, which encourages the act of hypertrophy as it drives more nutrients in to the muscle cells, allowing for a greater state of anabolism.

6. Dehydration is stressful to the body, which will elevate catabolic hormones, further reducing the bodies ability to repair tissue and build muscle mass.

7. A hydrated body means a hydrated cell. When cells aren't well hydrated, the cell membrane loses it's permeability. This decreases the cells ability to release toxins and byproducts, including fatty acids... also decreasing it's ability to absorb nutrients that are essential in energy production. So dehydration during a workout will lead to less overall fat loss, and more cell damage.

8. Dehydration leads to a poor KREB cycle. The KREB cycle is the bodies process of producing energy through ATP synthesis. Without adequate ATP synthesis, many functions of your physiology are dramatically imbalanced - reducing the performance of the body, your ability to push yourself during training and how the body manages energy levels and fat loss.

Now don’t complain about the results you get from the work you're not going. Everything is important. This includes hydration. Thank me later.

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