March 7th, 2018

// How Eating Disorders Impact Your Mental Health

How Eating Disorders Impact Your Mental Health

Many people aren’t educated on the effects of eating disorders on a person’s mental health. This may include friends and family. Since a person’s emotions are so complicated, it may even be difficult for some doctors to distinguish symptoms.

It’s extremely important for the affected person’s friends or family to understand the person’s feelings. Here are some ways an eating disorder may impact someone’s mental health.

Fearful Anxiety

It can be frightening to go without food for days at a time. This can lead to anxiety and a negative state of mind. It’s difficult to think without the proper sustenance.

Eating too much can also make a person feel anxious. This leads to more eating and gaining additional weight which makes the person’s thoughts rush even more. Being bullied or abused in any way may lead to eating disorders.

Delusional Thoughts

The person may start to blur the differences between imagination and reality. They may have delusional thoughts about their own spiritual or religious beliefs. Destroying random household objects for seemingly strange reasons can occur.

He/she may hear noises that aren’t there like the radio playing when it’s not on. This hypersensitivity may lead to believing animals or statues are speaking to them.

Strong Emotions

Traumatizing feelings and unwanted emotions may be out of control in the person’s mind. Deep emotions can make a person feel like doing impulsive things like screaming. Or they could just cry deeply and a person may not understand why.

He/she may feel unloved, unwanted and misunderstood. Try not to be alarmed at their shocking depth. Imagine how you would feel in similar circumstances and just be there for them.

Lonely Isolation

Isolation can be the worst thing for a person with an eating disorder to endure. It’s important to have a support system. They need unconditional love right now. One option if a loved one needs help is Center for Change. In extreme circumstances, it may be necessary to get the additional aid that they may need.

If you know someone who has an eating disorder one of the best things you can do for them is to try to understand their feelings. Don’t assume they’re crazy because they may never forgive you for it and they might assume you don’t care about them. Get them help if necessary and give them the empathy that they may never receive otherwise.



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