March 21st, 2021

// How Exercising Incorrectly Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Limbs

How Exercising Incorrectly Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Limbs

Finding new ways to exercise daily has become increasingly easier thanks to modern technology. Staying in shape has positive impacts on both the body and mind, but it is important to consider how you are getting the exercise you need. Many avenues for fitness might not teach the proper techniques. Exercising incorrectly could cause you an injury you didn't expect. Here are a few of the ways using improper movements could damage you.


Swinging heavy objects is one of the quickest ways you can build up strength. However, it is also one of the most dangerous in terms of the kinds of damage it can do to your limbs. This risk level comes partly from the fact that you'll use your arms to swing objects, but it is your lower limbs that provide the power you need to complete the rotation. In short, all of your limbs could be at risk for inflammation if you aren't careful. Make sure you use hamstrings and gluteus muscles to reduce strain on your shoulders here.

Cuff Tears

There are different exercises you can do to flex those upper limb muscles and work on your arms. Even if you don't do a lot of manual labor, it makes sense to keep your arms in shape for the everyday lifting or grabbing that you need to perform. However, exercises like a lateral pull-down normally place a great deal of stress on your rotator cuffs. You may even risk a cuff tear if you're not careful. If something feels off, stop these exercises and meet with a sports medicine doctor who can offer you practical advice on how to move forward.

Imbalances and Strain

Many physical therapists actively avoid recommending leg extensions. Some circles agree that there is no natural position in life where the leg is extended fully with a lot of pressure working against it. Consequently, it is an exercise that could create a muscle imbalance or put great strain on areas that are already naturally tight, such as the toes and hip flexors.

Joint Issues

These exercises are designed to help your chest muscles, but they could pose a risk to your upper limbs. Many people start these exercises with lats that are underused at first. As a result, parts of the chest and arms work to compensate and help you do the moves. This effect can result in shoulder problems at the joints if left unchecked.

Various resources have ways of inspiring people to get moving and stay active in different ways. The wealth of information at your disposal means that you can tailor a workout routine to fit any goal, style, or schedule you prefer. The trick is to make sure that you aren't just copying the text, videos, or diagrams you might see. Knowing how to perform an exercise safely could mitigate the risk of an injury or hospital visit. It's important to understand that while any exercise you do incorrectly could be problematic, some of them are more likely than others to cause injury.


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