January 16th, 2019

// How Health Coaching & Support from Novus Health Is Preventing Disability in the Workplace

How Health Coaching & Support from Novus Health Is Preventing Disability in the Workplace

TORONTO, Jan. 15, 2019 /CNW/ - Novus Health, a leader in health navigation, provides organizations the tools to help individuals and their loved ones live healthier lives. The innovative programs from Novus Health tackle some of the most pressing health challenges that people face so that they are empowered to improve their health and well-being.

Disability is a key concern for many employers. Whether temporary or permanent, disability can become quite costly—not only for employers, but also for affected individuals and the family members who rely on them. Being able to work has many positive effects on a person: it creates a social network, a feeling of accomplishment and purpose, and generally keeps people active and engaged in their lives.

Novus Health understands the critical importance of early intervention in preventing disability. That is why they created a Health Coaching & Support program (Stay Healthy at Work™) to address health concerns and common conditions before they lead to extended absences and disability claims.

The result? A healthier population, with higher productivity and lower costs for organizations. With this program, organizations can provide their employees, members, and customers the tools to take charge of their everyday health goals, commit to meaningful and sustainable changes that work for them, and live healthier and more productive lives—both at home and in the workplace.

Here's How the Health Coaching & Support Program Helps

The Health Coaching & Support program is an end-to-end solution that helps individuals tackle potential health challenges before they lead to disability. An integral part of our health navigation solution, the program can work alongside other health management programs and support services - but aims to keep individuals on top of their health concerns and enact positive change before access to other programs is even required.

To get started with the program, individuals can follow a simple step-by-step process. First, those with access to the Novus Health Navigation Platform can fill out an online self-assessment questionnaire, which will generate a personalized report about their health risks. Eligible individuals then have the opportunity to: 

  • Receive one-on-one health coaching support via phone or email 
  • Develop health improvement strategies and personalized action plans 
  • Better understand their health issues and evaluate their treatment options

Depending on their needs, they also have access to a multidisciplinary team of experts to assist in achieving their health goals, such as psychologists, dieticians, and social workers.

Through the program's positive reinforcement and ongoing coaching support, Novus Health has helped a diverse range of individuals to tackle their health challenges and regain their livelihood. From managing chronic pain, to creating new pathways for handling stress and anxiety, to reducing alcohol consumption, the Health Coaching & Support program puts the power for positive change in one's own hands. 

With Novus Health's suite of products, organizations can lead the way to a healthier and more productive population. 

For More Information

Learn more about Health Coaching & Support program: https://www.novushealth.com/product-suite/health-coaching-support

Read our customer success stories: https://www.novushealth.com/category/success-stories  

About Novus HealthNovus Health is a leader in health navigation. We deliver personalized support, reputable information, and health-related services in one single destination, using technology to help individuals make informed health decisions. In doing so, we create value for our partners while improving their members' and customers' health and well-being.

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