April 16th, 2018

// How Physical Therapy Can Help You Heal from an Injury

How Physical Therapy Can Help You Heal from an Injury

Physical therapy is performed by trained therapists in a medical facility or sport venue. You might need physical therapy for a variety of reasons so that you can heal faster from an injury. If you want to avoid surgery or taking an assortment of medications, then physical therapy is an excellent choice after different types of injuries. Here are some of the ways that physical therapy can help you to heal quickly.

Increasing Your Body’s Blood Circulation

When you have an injury, moving can feel impossible, but a physical therapist can perform treatments such as massages that will increase the blood circulation in the injured area. With additional blood flow, your lymph glands also function better, and these body parts secrete chemicals that can help you to heal. If your blood circulation is better, then you may also feel more energized. With additional energy, you might feel ready to begin using an injured limb on your own.

Decreasing the Discomfort from an Injury

Physical therapy can decrease the discomfort from an injury so that you can move easily and sleep comfortably. If you are feeling a lot of pain in an injured body part, then you likely won’t want to move around. This can lead to more immobility, causing additional health problems. In addition, if you can’t sleep because you are feeling too much pain, then an injury won’t heal. While you are sleeping, your body’s glands will produce hormones that are required for healing an injury.

Helping a Knee Injury

Your knees are complex joints, and if one is injured, then physical therapyis vital. A physical therapist can create a treatment plan that is appropriate for your knee’s tendons, cartilage, and muscles so that all of the different parts heal without developing adhesions. With professional knee physical therapy, you can recover from an injury faster so that you can return to normal daily living.

Avoiding an Additional Injury

If you have an injury to your back, hips or knees, then having professional physical therapy can help to prevent an additional injury from a fall. A therapist can help you to improve your body’s muscular strength and flexibility so that you have better balance while walking and standing.

After you are injured, seek treatment from a physician. Within a few days, talk to your physician about beginning physical therapy, and your physician can provide a recommendation for an excellent therapist. Alternatively, you can contact your insurance provider to learn more about the physical therapists who are in your network.


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