December 10th, 2019

// How Preventative Physical Therapy Makes You a Smarter Athlete

How Preventative Physical Therapy Makes You a Smarter Athlete

Physical therapy isn’t just good for treating existing injuries. Athletes can often use this treatment as a preventative tool to gain an advantage on the competitive field. Here are four ways that preventative physical therapy can make you a smarter athlete.

Injury Prevention

If you’re worried about getting injured while in the game or during training, physical therapy can help prepare your body better for the physical demands of your sport. A qualified physical therapist can put together a personalized plan that can be incorporated into your athletic regimen and will give you a better chance of staying injury-free. This plan may include certain stretches and other manual techniques that the therapist will use to help safeguard muscles, joints and other areas of the body that are prone to injury while engaging in sports.

Diagnosing Muscle Imbalances and Other Abnormalities

A trained physical therapist will be able to look for certain bodily abnormalities that could affect your athletic performance. Any muscle imbalances and other biomechanical flaws that you don’t know that you have can possibly be diagnosed so that you can take corrective measures to make these challenges less difficult for you to manage. By knowing about these shortcomings, you will have a better understanding of what your body can and cannot do and can obtain additional knowledge that will help you perform your best.

Recovery Knowledge

Physical therapy is often an effective tool for helping an athlete’s body recover after a strenuous workout. By actively assisting you in moving your muscles, joints and connective tissues, the physical therapist will help you recover more effectively. Recovering faster and safer with the use of physical therapyis a smart way to stay in the game longer, and you can also be ready sooner for your next practice or tournament by using physical therapy as a recovery tool.

Improved Movements

If you want to train your body to move better to increase your athletic performance, physical therapy can be highly useful. The ways that your physical therapist moves certain parts of your body can help you develop the proper movements and stances that are needed to perform at a high level while decreasing your risk for injury.You can make yourself a smarter, better-prepared athlete by simply incorporating preventative physical therapy into your plan. The benefits that you’ll enjoy and the knowledge that you’ll attain can help you in many areas of your athletic performance.


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