March 8th, 2021

// How to Avoid Foot Pain When Starting a Running Training Program

How to Avoid Foot Pain When Starting a Running Training Program

When you are ready to start running, you need to consider your feet and how to keep them safe. Injuries happen, but there are ways to prevent them. Below are several tips to use to avoid foot pain.

Do Foot Exercises on Days Off

When you start running, it is easy to become obsessed and want to push yourself hard. You need to give your feet breaks, though, so that they won't get injured. On your days off from running, you can find some foot exercises to do that will strengthen their muscles. Some of these exercises are simple and can be done while you are sitting and getting other things done, and yet they are good for your feet and will prevent potential future pain.

Wear Comfortable Shoes All the Time

Even when you are not running, it is good to have comfortable shoes on your feet. You need to be careful about what you wear all the time so that they won't have pain because of your shoes. Put on a comfortable pair that fits well and will not pinch or blister them when going out for a run, and put on just as comfortable of a pair when doing your daily activities.

Get the Right Socks for Running

Get socks that aren't too thick or too thin, but that will keep your feet feeling comfortable while you run. Buy socks that will stay put with the movement of running. Replace your socks as needed, as they will quickly become worn out from exercise, and you will avoid foot pain.

Don't Try to Do too Much

A reason many people injure their feet when running is that they try to do too much. If you get in a good program, then it will encourage you to take things slow. Do your stretches and make sure that your feet feel comfortable before a run. Feel free to take breaks as needed, and take a few days off if you begin to feel foot pain so that it won't get worse. If you have any issues with your feet, then visit a podiatrist and get answers before you run.You need to care for your feet so you can run as hard as you want to. Make sure you wear the right socks and shoes and pay attention to how your feet feel. When you care for your feet, you won't have 


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