June 7th, 2021

// How to Be More Relaxed Building Up to Your First Big Race

How to Be More Relaxed Building Up to Your First Big Race

Planning to compete in a race is an exciting, enthralling experience; however, you're also likely feeling a bit nervous, especially since it's your first time. While a little bit of nervous anticipation can help drive you to success, you also do not want to become overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. Employing some relaxing strategies can help you to take it easy.

Turn to Meditative Practices

Learning how to meditate or engage in similar activities can assist you in staying grounded, focused and calm. Whether you choose a secular meditation class, a private meditation at home or prayer at a house of worship, these practices allow you to connect with yourself and with a greater good. Consider starting off your day with meditation or prayer to begin the morning in a relaxed state. As you get close to race day, consider when you might have a moment to meditate before putting on your running shoes.

Maintain a Schedule

When race day is rapidly approaching, you might want to spend every waking moment preparing for the competition. However, constantly thinking about the race isn't healthy. While it's true that you may need to increase your training, you need to keep your schedule open for other activities as well. For example, you should still go to work, engage in your other hobbies and socialize with loved ones. You need to keep a healthy balance in order to decompress and avoid filling your mind with only thoughts of the race.

Adjust Your Intake

In order to determine precisely how you should adjust your food and liquid intake before a race, you need to speak with a medical professional. People have different needs based on their bodies, schedules and other factors. You might, for example, learn that taking full spectrum CBD gummies can help you to stay calm as the race approaches. These types of gummies often improve sleep, help calm nerves, and can ease anxiety when taken on a regular basis. On the other hand, you may discover that certain foods that you're consuming regularly are leading to an increase in anxiety.

Express Your Fears

Working to minimize stress is important and useful, but you also cannot simply deny the way that you are feeling. Expressing your worries and concerns is a healthy practice, and you can accomplish this goal in a number of ways. You may want to write or draw what you are feeling. If you find that the anxiety is taking over your life, consider speaking with a therapist.

Allow yourself to feel excitement about your first big race. However, do not ignore the feelings of worry and anxiety that you have. Address these emotions as well.


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