July 19th, 2021

// How to Better Rehydrate After an Intense Workout

How to Better Rehydrate After an Intense Workout            

During an intense workout, your body loses a lot of fluids and minerals, and nutrients. Most people assume that the best way to rehydrate after an intense workout is to drink lots of water. While this is true, you have to keep in mind that your body needs a proper balance when rehydrating.

When you drink water too quickly after a workout, your body naturally increases the rate at which it produces urine. The more you drink, the faster the fluids will pass through your body. In addition, you must replace the salts and minerals lost when exercising. Failing to replace lost water and minerals will result in dehydration.

Signs of Dehydration

All of your cells need water to function. The adult human body is approximately 63 percent water. The brain and the heart are 73 percent water, and the lungs are 83 percent water. When you become dehydrated, it can affect your brain, heart, lungs, and other organs and systems in your body.

Water regulates your body's temperature, removes waste, transports nutrients, and plays a role in blood circulation. Some symptoms of early dehydration include dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, tiredness, and dry skin. Keep in mind that some signs of dehydration may not occur or be easily recognizable during or after a workout, so it's important to rehydrate, whether you feel thirsty or not.

How to Rehydrate Correctly

Two key factors should dictate how to rehydrate after an intense workout. The first is how much fluid you have lost, and the second is determined by your time interval before your next workout.

To get an idea of how much water you lose during an intense workout, weigh yourself before and after each session, and drink the appropriate amount of fluids.

If you have 24 hours before your next workout, your natural intake of food and fluids should replace any lost water or nutrients.

Your skin can suffer from excessive or repeated dehydration. Rikumo skincare products and other brands are an excellent way to keep your skin hydrated. Most people don't drink enough water daily, so using a skin moisturizer and drinking plenty of fluids can help maintain healthy-looking skin.

Drink Water

Drinking water is one of the best ways to stay hydrated and rehydrate after a workout. However, it's vital to replace the sodium and other minerals lost during a hard workout.

Avoid Caffiene

Caffeine in tea and coffee can contribute to dehydration. Avoid drinking any beverages with caffeine before a workout. Caffeine becomes dehydrating between 250 and 300mg.

Replace Lost Proteins and Carbs

Studies have demonstrated that it's essential to replace lost protein and carbs after a workout to recover fully. Drinking sports drinks or skim and low-fat milk are excellent ways to rehydrate your body and replace lost proteins, minerals, and carbs.

Dehydration happens when your body loses more water than is consumed. You can avoid dehydration by staying hydrated throughout the day and adequately rehydrating after an intense workout.


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