September 30th, 2020

// How to Care for Sore Muscle Groups After an Intense Workout

How to Care for Sore Muscle Groups After an Intense Workout

While it is an excellent ritual to develop in your personal routine, intense workouts can wear your muscles down if you don’t learn how to care for your muscles. To maximize the effectiveness of your workouts, make sure you take adequate breaks in between working out specific muscle groups. Also, it’s wise to take good care of sore muscles with the right methods. Consider the following tips to make sure all goes well.

Ice Bath

Many professional athletes use this method as a means of recovery after a major game, match or workout. Start by filling up the bathtub with cold water. Then, add a ton of ice to the mix. Whether you add an entire bag of ice or a few bowls of ice, the ice will take the cold bath to the next level. While it might shock the system at first, an ice bath is known for its ability to reduce inflammation, decrease the pain and improve blood circulation. If you’d prefer to work up to the ice bath, start with ice packs after each workout.

Hot Tub

On the other end of the spectrum, a hot bath can be one of the most beloved rituals for anyone who’s looking to unwind and relax their muscles. The heat can be really effective in improving circulation as well. Consider adding some Epsom salts or other bath salts to maximize the experience. Some companies, like Marquis Spas,  know that if you have access to one, using a hot tub after workouts can truly provide a divinely relaxing experience that you’ll look forward to.


If you’re not already stretching on a regular basis, chances are your body will become unbelievably tight. This can directly impact the mobility within your joints and limbs. It can also impact how your muscles operate. You’ll expose yourself to a greater chance of injured muscles if you don’t stretch regularly. Whether you set aside 15 or 45 minutes aside, dedicate specified time for stretching your entire body.


There’s a two-pronged approach to massages. You can start by investing in personal equipment such as massage chairs, foot massagers and more. Massages can improve circulation and provide aid to sore muscles. The second part of your massage approach should involve a professional. Getting a professional massage is one of the best ways to alleviate soreness and experience specialized attention on the areas that are tense.

There are plenty of other methods to consider such as balms, tinctures and heated blankets. As long as you find the right methods and use them consistently, your muscles will recover, grow and develop into the physique you’re longing to uncover.


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