July 8th, 2014

// How To Care With Your Body Mind and Spirit


You need to show your loved one how much you care by putting in the effort to make the day unique by celebrating it in both a healthy and sexy way.

Play Together

According to Psychology Today "couples who sweat together stay together." Sign your partner and you up for a sexy dance class, a partners hot steamy yoga session or some fun partnered workouts with a trainer. Exercise increases testosterone in men and nothing is more exciting then seeing your partner work up a sweat. In addition to the release of hormones working out gets the blood pumping, heart racing and adds something fun and exciting to the relationship.

The Way To The Heart Is Through The Stomach

Both men and women love food. Impress your partner with some cooking skills in the kitchen. Make a romantic candlelit dinner for two at home. This is a great way for you to control what you are eating and how much. It also lets you show off your cooking abilities that your partner may not know about. Don't forget to serve a healthy sexy dessert.  Try serving strawberries and low fat whipping cream which could lead to burning some extra calories in the bedroom.

Burn Calories In The Bedroom

According to WomansDay "having sex burns 144+ calories per half hour." So get into the loving spirit and get close and intimate with your loved one. This has many health benefits and it provides your ability to boost your immune system, lower blood pressure and it also counts as exercise!

Go That extra mile to show your partner how much that you care by doing something unique thats healthy and good for the heart. Couples who are healthy and active have been shown to have happier, longer lasting relationships. When your body, mind and spirit are stimulated you will have a long and healthy relationship.

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