February 15th, 2016

// How To Get Fit If You Work In An Office

It’s undoubtedly a lot easier to get fit if you work a manual labour job. For example, you might be walking lots, or lifting items, or operating heavy machinery. Having a basic level of fitness makes getting
very fit easier. This is because your body is already partly use to exercise.


However, it can be a very different story for people who spend more of their lives sat down or working in an office. We spend a huge proportion of our lives at work. Also, working full-time can be very tiring. This may mean that when you do leave work, you don’t have the energy to exercise. Instead, you just find yourself sitting down in front of the TV! This vicious cycle will get you nowhere.




If you do work in an office, one item that you should be sure to invest in is a pedometer. Although this seems like a very basic fitness product, it is actually fantastic for motivation. Nice and small, you can attach it to your trouser band or belt. At the beginning of the day, set yourself an aim. For example; “I will take 2,000 steps today.” Keep checking up on the pedometer throughout the day to remind yourself of the challenge and keep moving! As time progresses, you can increase the number of steps. If you always have your phone on you, you can even get an app that does the same job. As if you needed another excuse to go and make a fresh cup of coffee in the staff kitchen!

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If you want to work on your arms specifically, use a Gyro ball. This small plastic ball sits in the palm of your hand. You can use it while you’re writing with the other hand, or even on the phone to clients or colleagues. Simply shake your hand being the ball inside moving. Some have timers to help you keep track of how long you’ve used it for.


If you want to properly invest in fitness products that will do some of the work for you, consider a muscle stimulator. You attach the pads that come with the device to the specific muscles you wish to improve, like your abs or biceps. These nifty little devices have lots of different settings, and while they can be quite expensive, they can make a huge difference.


There are some other more basic tips you should be sure to follow every day. Firstly, think about getting to work in the mornings. Would it be possible to walk, run or even cycle? This way you’d get daily exercise before it was 9am! If you must drive, park further away from the entrance than you would usually. It might seem like a tiny change, but it can stack up. Similarly, if you use public transport, get off a stop earlier than usual and walk the rest of the way.


Once you arrive at work, you should of course always take the stairs instead of the lift. Also, during the day, take regular breaks to stretch. This will keep your body limber and stop you from seizing up.

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