January 16th, 2020

// How to Give Yourself Extra Motivation for Meeting Your New Year Fitness Goals

How to Give Yourself Extra Motivation for Meeting Your New Year Fitness Goals

Every New Year's people across the country come up with New Year's resolutions that they hope will help them improve their lives in some way. One very common New Year's resolution is to start and stick to a fitness program. While this is a commendable goal, it can be difficult to keep the motivation that is needed to continue such a plan when things start getting more challenging. In order to help you find that extra motivation that you need to keep pushing ahead and achieve your fitness goals, consider some of the following tips.

Set Realistic Goals

Make sure that the goals that you have set yourself are not too extreme as to be unrealistic. If your bar is set too high, then no degree of motivation will be enough to get you to the place you want to be. Start simple, remembering that taking small intermediate steps is the best way to create significant long-lasting change.

Write Them Down

One small thing that can have a surprisingly large impact on your ability to achieve your goals is to simply write your goals down. The act of putting pen to paper and making your goals something tangible that you can see has a powerful psychological effect that can help you reach your target. Keeping a written record of the progress that you have made towards your fitness goals can also be a great help, as it makes it easy to see how the changes you are making are having an effect in your life.

Get Support

As with most things in life, having a strong support system can be critical to success. Getting others involved in your fitness goals, even if it's only in a supporting role, can be hugely beneficial by creating a support system that can help you keep moving forward when things inevitably get tough as the days go by. Knowing that somebody else is counting on you to do well can be a great motivating factor as well, so bring friends or family along whenever possible. Plan group outings or meals that involve others so that they can hold you accountable if you try not to follow through.

Everybody forgets things from time to time, remember that slipping up does not mean that your resolution needs to be scrapped. Consider getting something that can help jog your memory to do your fitness routine. Something like an alert on your phone, a note on the fridge, or a T-shirt from DHDWearwith a message that pushes you towards working on your goals. Whatever you need to get it done, find something that works for you.


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