November 23rd, 2017

// How to Live a Healthy Life Without Spending Too Much Money

How to Live a Healthy Life Without Spending Too Much Money

Life seems to move along, and so does our health. When money is tight, it’s difficult to eat as healthy as you should. Yes, eating organic food is healthier but can become costly if you’re not careful. There are ways to get the high cost of food and gym memberships down. Here are some ideas to help.

Eating Affordable Organic Food

You can grow organic fruits and vegetables in your very own garden. If this is not feasible, purchase them from other farmers that grow organic foods. You will want to look for a farmer that grows their food organically but are not organic certified. They cost about 50 percent less than buying your fruits and vegetables elsewhere. Most grocery stores raise the price to pay for their employees and supplier.

Organic is not necessary with fruits and vegetables that have protective layers such as melons and bananas. Some places can verify that the supplier didn’t use heavy pesticides on the fruits and vegetables they’re selling. Take time to check! Eating healthy on a budget is possible when you look carefully at the meat and produce sales. If you find meat or product sales, buy them first, and you will save money.

Don’t Eat Out

Eating out cost extra, don’t get me wrong this statement doesn’t mean you should never go out to eat. It merely means in moderation. Cooking a meal at home that serves a family of six will cost around $4 a person to prepare, compared to eating out at a restaurant for approximately $15 a person. Naturally, the prices vary depending on what you feel like cooking or where you go out to eat. If you watch what you buy when getting groceries, you will lower your food cost while eating healthier.

Cost Effective Ways to Exercise

Set up a gym at home. Look for gym equipment that people are tired of being in their homes. You can do this by looking at yard sales, checking on Craig’s list, or at the gym. For those individuals who can afford to update their gym equipment, they sometimes will give their old stuff away. Others will sell them cheaper than you would get them new. In fact, some still look just as new depending on how often they were used, by the owner.

For aerobics, you could get an affordable exercise DVD or go for a fast pace walk, jog, or run. Nothing says more about exercise than climbing a mountainside. These exercise activities also will build endurance and strength as well. If a home gym isn’t for you, shop around for the cheapest gym membership. For that matter, you should see if your employer offers a gym membership discount.

Go to Social Events

Social events help you stay connected with others and have a healthy inner core. Some social events provide food, games, and other activities that will help you to stay healthy and keep the cost down. Keeping yourself healthy is not just about eating correctly, but also has to do with emotional and spiritual connections. Being out in a social atmosphere can also prevent you from becoming depressed, emotionally drained, or disconnected. You can find these types of events at churches, social dances, family gatherings, or just a simple get together with friends.

These ideas will help you efficiently stay healthy while keeping the family budget intact. When leading a healthier lifestyle, it can be rewarding to you and the people around you. Why wait until New Years to begin a more robust lifestyle change, when you can start today. It will become a reality when you are utilizing these helpful information methods.


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