October 24th, 2019

// How to Treat and Prevent Hand and Arm Injuries that Often Occur While Working Out

How to Treat and Prevent Hand and Arm Injuries that Often Occur While Working Out

Working out with the intention of building strength, increasing endurance or losing weight has numerous health benefits, but can present a few hazards as well. Hand and arm injuries are among the most common for fitness enthusiasts, especially those that use free weights or weighted machines frequently. There are a few tips that all workout enthusiasts should follow, including the need to rest and recover following any kind of exercise injury.

Always Follow Form

Any exercise that involves weight, even if it’s just your own body, should be executed in good form every single time. You should always carefully research the posture and execution for each exercise, starting with little to no weight and building from there. A gym membership or personal training sessions can be invaluable for getting a direct education in how to navigate a new fitness routine. Using proper form also increases the value of the exercise for fitness or body-building purposes.

Address Bone and Joint Damage

Bones and joints don’t grow bigger to increase strength like muscles do, but they can still strengthen or weaken over time. People who use their hands and arms for various exercises, including those targeting other muscle groups, should consider wearing wrist braces or other protective gear to better distribute the weight. Damage to bone and joints also takes a lot longer to heal than injury to other tissue, so it can take several weeks or months to get back to normal. Serious injuries or developing conditions warrant a trip to an orthopedic hand specialistto minimize the potential for long-term complications.

Stretch and Warm-Up

Many people who are just starting on their fitness journey don’t fully appreciate the importance of a stretch and warm-up routine before exercise. Stretching helps strengthen muscles all on its own and greatly reduces the chances of an injury during a workout. Some fitness routines incorporate stretching throughout the session, while others prioritize it at the beginning and end of the workout.

Fuel Yourself for Success

Diet may not play a direct role in causing a hand or army injury, but it does impact the chance of it occurring and ability to recover. Calcium is just one of many vitamins and nutrients that directly affect bone health. Various vitamins, amino acids and ample water are all also important for encouraging repair of muscle fibers throughout the body. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can reduce the overall chance of injury and improve recovery rate.

Few things are as frustrating as hand or arm damage when you are trying to achieve fitness goals. Giving these injuries time to heal can slow down some of your workout goals, but ignoring them and allowing them to degenerate can cause life-long problems. Don’t hesitate to seek professional or medical assistance for any kind of serious injury.


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