March 24th, 2020

// How Weightlifting Can Help Balance Your Testosterone

How Weightlifting Can Help Balance Your Testosterone

Low testosterone is a common problem that affects one in four men over 30. However, many men ignore the signs and symptoms or chalk it up to getting older. You might be surprised to know that weight-bearing exercise can boost your testosterone levels naturally. Read on to learn how pumping iron can pump up your testosterone.

Resistance Training Raises Testosterone

A man’s testosterone production increases following a resistance training workout, which means that incorporating weightlifting and other resistance exercises into your fitness routine can elevate your levels over time. Focus on strength training for two to three days per week and make your workouts last between 30 minutes and an hour. Alternate resistance training with workouts for flexibility and cardiovascular health.

Fitness Balances Hormones

Maintaining a healthy level of physical and cardiovascular fitness is a great way to improve your overall hormonal balance, and lifting weights is one of the best ways to get in shape. Strength training not only supports a healthy level of testosterone in men but also helps keep other hormones like cortisol and insulin in check.

Lean Muscle Burns Body Fat

Body fat, especially around the midsection, increases estrogen and lowers testosterone in men. Building lean muscle through weightlifting is a very effective way to burn that excess fat and increase your testosterone levels. However, low testosterone can be a vicious cycle because it’s more difficult to build muscle when your levels are low. Temporarily supplementing with a medication like the transdermal testosterone androgel can help you achieve greater muscle mass, reduce body fat and balance your hormones.

Forced Repetition Generates More Testosterone

If your testosterone levels are truly in the dumps, consider using forced repetition workouts to get your body pumping this hormone on high. Forced repetition involves lifting as many reps as you can followed by a partner helping you lift a few more. This technique was shown in a study from Finland to produce more testosterone than lifting weights alone.

Although weight training can help increase your testosterone levels, rest and recovery time is just as important. You need to let your muscles rest in between workouts so your body can repair and rebuild muscle fibers. Getting enough sleep is also essential because a man’s body produces testosterone and other vital hormones during the deeper cycles of REM sleep.


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