September 9th, 2013

// I Want A @hexoskin

hexoskinHave you guys heard of Hexoskin? According to their site 'Hexoskin is a smart shirt packed with high precision health and activity sensors. Hexoskin measures your body metrics and gives you insights about your training, your health, and your life on many levels." On top of all of this it is a personal trainer, sleep quality reader, and GPS app and "When you wear the shirt, your health stats are digitized and uploaded in real-time. You can get detailed reports on your training and general health in a web browser on any device.


What a cool idea. I wonder how accurate it is. It is machine washable and "It does a lot more than your old heart rate strap, without the strap. Our dual band sensor technology offers a high-quality ECG signal with RR intervals measurement, and a unique precise breathing volume measurement that uses 2 sensors. This is the most precise way to measure breathing without wearing a mask."

Hopefully someday I can get my hands on one to try and blog about!


In the meantime check them out at:




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